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April arrived far too soon. Seulgi found herself trying on different wedding dresses and telling people what sorts of flowers she liked and what foods she wanted and all sorts of silly and pointless questions. She was in a daze throughout all of it- still in shock that it was actually going to happen.

Whenever she could, Seulgi escaped from the wedding preparations and questions by hiding herself away in the kitchens and the servants quarters downstairs.

It was the day before the wedding and Seulgi sat at the table in the kitchen. All the staff sat around it also, there was only 7 staff members remaining: the maids Yeri and Mary, the cook and assistant cook, her maid Wendy, her mother's maid and her father's maid. There were playing a card game.

"Ha ha!" Yeri cried victoriously. "I win again!"

"Oh man, I never win!" Seulgi moaned and pouted. "Are you cheating?"

"No!" Yeri said defensively. "It's not my fault you're bad at card games!"

"Hey!" Seulgi laughed. "Well I suppose you're right,"

The whole table laughed. The cook smiled and stood up. "Well it has been fun playing, but we really must get on with preparing all the food for tomorrow,"

Seulgi's smile faltered a little. "Of course. You're all working so hard- thank you for that,"

"It's nothing Miss, we just want you to have to perfect day tomorrow," the cook replied. Seulgi just smiled and nodded back.

"Would you mind if I stayed- I won't get in the way. I just," Seulgi paused mid sentence and all eyes turned to her. "I just want to stay," she ended quietly.

"Of course Miss," Yeri said, sensing Seulgi's sudden sadness. "You needn't ask,"

"Thank you," she smiled. Everyone began about their business, preparing snacks and cakes and foods of all sorts while Seulgi sat at the table and watched them all.

There was some debate to whether Seulgi and Harold Murry would be staying in the Kang house, or moving to Harold's smaller house across the road. Seulgi of course, was trying to convince her father to let them stay here. However it was not going well, and Seulgi feared she would have to move, and that meant moving away from the staff, the only people she could be herself around. She felt a pang of sadness as she watched them all move around the kitchen, humming happily to themselves, preparing her wedding food. She didn't want to leave them all behind, she had grown so fond of them all. They were her true family and friends.

She walked over to the cook and pretended to watch her cook. The cook smiled at her, and then noticed something was wrong. "Miss Seulgi? Is everything okay?"

Seulgi nodded. "Well, not really," she whispered quietly.

"What is it?" She asked, taking Seulgi by the shoulder.

"I need to tell you something," Seulgi said. "Alone,"

The cook took her into the corridor, where it was empty. "What is it?"

"After I marry Mr Murry, we will be moving to his house," Seulgi said, fighting the tears that threatened to fall. "I will no longer be here,"

The cook's mouth fell open and her eyes welled up. "Oh Miss Seulgi, is this true?"

"Yes," Seulgi choked out. "I don't want to go," She threw her arms around the plump cook and hugged her tight.

The cook hugged her back, and cried quietly. "You must go," She said. "But know we will all miss you so much,"

"I'll miss you more, trust me," Seulgi replied through her tears. "Oh, I will be so lonely,"

"You will have your husband, you'll forget about us, I'm sure. Don't worry Miss, you'll be fine,"

"I won't forget my true family," Seulgi whispered and finally pulled back from the hug. "Thank you for everything you've ever done for me- it's been a pleasure to know you, all of you,"

"Gah- stop it Seulgi! You're making me cry," the cook joked and wiped her tears. She squeezed Seulgi's hand. "It was a pleasure to serve you, isn't that right guys?" She looked behind her to all the staff that had been eavesdropping. Seulgi looked over the cook's shoulder and with shock saw all the members of staff smiling sadly at her.

"Sure is," Yeri said with a smile. The others nodded.

"Why do you have to go?" Mary the maid asked, crying heavily. Yeri patted her awkwardly on the back.

Seulgi locked eyes with her maid Wendy, who already knew that she was leaving, an was going with her, to Seulgi's relief.

"We're all going to miss you so much Miss," the assistant cook said with watery eyes.

"We've never met someone so kind," Seulgi's mother's maid commented. "Or understanding. It'll be a much less merrier place without you,"

Seulgi started to cry now. "Oh guys," she wiped her tears. "This is hard enough already, without your kind words,"

Yeri suddenly ran at her- and hugged her tightly. Mary joined her, then the cook, and the assistant cook and everyone else- until Seulgi was being completely squashed in one giant hug. Seulgi's tears soon stopped and she was laughing at the silly people who she called her friends, as they were now crushing her. She fell to the ground and they all followed her, still holding her tight.

"Oh my, I shall never forget any of you, I promise you that much," Seulgi laughed lightly, hugging them all back. "If I were born into any other family, we would still be best friends,"

Seulgi had to bid farewell to the kitchen staff for that day at 6 in the evening, to return to the drawing room. She arrived, in a better mood than she had left that room, and ignored what was going to happen tomorrow and focused on how lucky she was to have such nice friends downstairs. Her maid Wendy, walked with her and stood beside her all night, which she was grateful for. She ended the evening with an early night.

"Am I so grateful you are to come with me to Mr Murry's, Wendy," Seulgi told her maid as she sat in bed with a book. "I don't know what I'd do without you,"

"It's quite alright Miss," Wendy replied, putting the largest lamp out and leaving Seulgi with just a small candle to read with. "Try to get a good sleep tonight, you will need it. I shall wake you early tomorrow morning,"

"Thank you, old friend," Seulgi smiled. Wendy returned her smile and patted Seulgi's hand.

"Go to sleep my friend," Wendy said and left her room, leaving Seulgi with a smile on her face.

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