Short story: Woods

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Hop,skip and skip again many little feet with a powerful end, wind in my hair and friends around me. Hoop and skipping together as friends big groups keeps us aware there's safety in numbers oh dear !please hoop away. Summer has gone and winter is near, we must stick together moving around to place to place eating our bark on our hind legs. We have little ones to feed quickly quick we move together against the rain snow and shine, we stick together the male buck will protect us and the mothers their own. I stand with them but what is this in the woods silence, so strange and loud the older ones are listening while the younger ones don't notice at all. My ears are up but I'm trying to ease just watch the little ones play in the woods there feet tapping in the snow leaving little marks, oh what may.
*snap* we all turn our heads, oh no we all strange at the echo that ripped through the woods, the male buck signal and we all run through I can feel my heart bumping fuck panic over and over I'm within the group the little ones are keeping up as we jump over those fallen trees. My god I hope the little ones keep up. Run my friends, more hopping more skipping more more more run! Run! Bang bang oh they have come! Run run some are falling behind but we cannot stay, I want to stay with everyone but my heart so loud bang bang oh no what is that sound! Danger danger! Oh no the others!. Bang!

What is this pain oh no my leg is stopping it feels warm and pain is all around me the others have run but some have stopped sleeping on the ground? 2 or more of them. I look around my friends and family are gone run hoop and skip my friends. Snap snap the twigs are loud oh dear.  My vision fading as I hit the ground I feel all cold and lost but least some of my friends are here, maybe I could sleep for a moment in the snow. Goodnight for now.

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