Thank You

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I trudged through the streets of Eastern Florida for about four miles. I knew exactly where I was headed to.

I walked slow, taking my time to look at the small details of the Earth for the last times. The cracks on the sidewalks, the birds pecking at leftover food, the sewers draining leftover rain water, and the voices of people talking to each other.

My mind trailed off into deep thought, and before I knew it, I had arrived.

I stepped on the empty sidewalk of a bridge that arched over a moving highway below.

The very place my dad decided to take his life three years ago.

I made my way to the highest point of the bridge. I leaned over the railing and put my hands on my head.

I took a deep breath and I completely broke down. Tears were flowing down my face like a waterfall. I couldn't stop hyperventilating and I genuinely could not take a breath.

I missed my parents, I missed my whole life, I missed being happy, I missed being loved.

Everything was taken from me.

I continued to sob and came closer and closer to just ending it all.

I tried to jump over the railing but I was too weak from crying. I collapsed onto the ground and continued to sob, harder this time.

A tall boy, pretty athletic looking, approached me from the distanced. He looked like a jogger. He looked around my age, and I swear he looked kind of familiar.

He finally reached me and I didn't bother to look at him anymore. He sat beside me on the ledge.

"Hey! My name is Nathan. Could you tell me your name?" He asked, using a delicate voice.

"O-Olivia," I managed to sputter. I continued to cry.

"Olivia is such a beautiful name. It reminds me of some type of flower. I was just on a jog and I was reflecting on my day so far. So, I was wondering, could tell me two good things that happened today? I'd be really interested to hear," He soothed.

I tried to speak but ended up crying harder.

"Here, I'll start. Well, this morning, my mom got us all donuts. They were all different flavors, and some were decorated for the holidays! Some had sprinkles and others had delicious fillings. That was definitely a good thing that happened today. I'd have to say the second good thing that's happened to me today is meeting you," He smiled.

I managed a half smile and finally made eye contact with him.

He had the most gorgeous teal eyes, with a black outline along the edges.

"Do you think you might be able to tell me at least one good thing that happened today?" He asked again.

"Well- today w-was really hard. I guess meeting you was the only good thing of today," I spoke quietly.

He smiled back at me. He then looked down at my hoodie.

"Oh wow, you're a Steelers fan too?! That's so cool! They're definitely one of my all time favorite teams," He spoke with such a calming tone that it helped me relax and control my crying.

"Actually, it's my brothers," I half smiled but soon frowned at the thought of them. I quieted down again.

He gave me a sympathetic look and brushed the hair out of my face.

He grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes.

"Olivia, I know why you're here. I want you to listen to me, okay?" He requested. I nodded.

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