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Jimin: *taking a bubble bath alone* "UHHH OHHH"

Jungkook: *franatically run across the house and into the bathroom* princess are u ok? Whats wrong??

Jimin: * neck deep in bubbles  that are flowing out the tub* "i um...i use to much bubble bath..im sowwey.."

Jungkook:* relaxes and sigh of relieves* "its ok princess,Dont worry about it"

Jimin:*smirks devilishly* hehe

Jungkook: *wide eyes* "oh no,what r you plotting?"

Jimin:* throw bubbles at Jungkook* hehe

Jungkook: * chuckled and does grabby hands* "imma get you now little one"

Jimin: "uh oh" *dive under the bubbles*

Jungkook: *reaches under for Jimin* "princess, r u ok?"

Jimin: Rawr!! *grab Jungkook and pull him into the bubbles* "gotcha"

Jungkook: *chuckled * "u little monster"

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