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Hey guys! So I decided to do another slumber party, but this time with your brothers and Lincoln's sisters! I thought this will be fun, with them shipping your friendship *cough* relationship *cough*! Plus that it will be a Truth or dare game too! This will be really fun and we will play would you rather too!

Note (IMPORTANT): If you want another game you can tell me of course and maybe I'm gonna do a slumber party part 3 with your suggestions! You can tell me whatever you want and not only for this chapter! You can tell me about the book, you can request something, you can ask me about it, you can complain for something that you didn't like about the book and suggest something else... you got the idea. I already have 133 words and I haven't even started the chapter xdd!!! Well anyways see ya at the end of the chapter!


P.S. (IMPORTANT TOO):I would appreciate it if you would read those things before and after the chapter because sometimes they are important and they can tell you something about the book! But if you don't wanna read them I don't have any problem of course! Let's finally start this chapter

Your POV

It was Saturday. I woke up early,trying to forget that I kissed Lincoln. Only the thought of it makes me blush.But when I woke up, I saw 10 brothers with grins on their faces.

"Not again!" I said annoyed

"Guess what! We organized a slumber party!" They all said

"Slumber party? Again? Who's gonna be there?" I asked

"Oh today our parents will leave for this night because they said they wanted to go see our aunt and uncle who just moved into a new city and they will spend the night with them! So we invited Lincoln and his sisters tonight at a slumber party!!!" Explained Lane

"With Lincoln?! Wait you're planning to make us kiss again, don't you?" I asked

"Us? Never"
"No no no"
"We just wanna have fun"
"Why do you think that?"
"No way"

"Wait! I thought we were!" Said Loni confused, making everyone facepalm

"Nevermind, they are gonna be here at 5 and I can't wait!" Said Lexx in excitement

"Why, just to see your princess again?" I teased him about his crush on Lincoln's younger sister, Lola as he blushed and our brothers started teasing him too

"Shut up!" He yelled as his cheeks hit up "Who says you're not excited to see you Linky boo boo bear again?"

I blushed at that. Linky boo boo bear?! Who in the world would have called him that? Even if I was his girlfriend I would never have called him that! Linky is enough for me!

Lexx had a devilish smile on his face as my other brothers started teasing me

     Meanwhile, at the Loud house

Lincoln's POV

I woke up early, trying to forget that I kissed my crush three times! Only the thought of it makes me blush! But when I woke up, I saw all my sisters looking at me with big smiles on their faces! Not again!!!

"Great..." I mumbled

"Guess what lil bro! We organized a slumber party with your crush and her brothers" said Luna with her (fake) British accent

"Wh-What!?" I Said terrified

"Yeah. We thought this will be fun with your crush and her brothers" said Lynn

"Guys please don't call her that! And the only reason you're planning a slumber party is just to play truth or dare and make us kiss again or do that mushy stuff!" I screamed at them. I didn't like the idea. I mean, I liked the kiss but I bet she didn't so I don't want to force her into another one!

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