Chapter 29

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Chaeyoung's POV

I felt like I was in a car, my neck was stiff due to the way I laid down.

"Ohh..You're awake?? " the guy driving asked

'I remember this voice..' I said to myself

I sat properly as I found my hands and legs are tied up. I looked at the mirror at the front to see the reflection of...



I peeked through the window and saw Bambam pouring water over the girl's mouth. I saw her saying something while crying then I saw Bambam gave him a hard slap. I wanted to rush inside but Tzuyu held me back and mouth 'don't rush..There is guards'

End of flashback

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US ?!?!! " I shouted at him

"I don't want you..I want the girl beside you..And do you know who wants you?? This girl beside me.." Bambam said with a smirk as the girl looked to the back..

"YERI !!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US.." I shouted at her

"What is happening?? " Mina asked as she sat properly

"BAMBAMMM ?!!! " Mina shouted as she shivered in fear

"Heyhey..Its okay..I'm here..Don't be scared.." I said to comfort Mina.

"Yeri..They are too noisy..Can you shut then up??" Bambam said as Yeri walked toward us and covered our mouth with the same cloth. I fell unconscious..


I woke up to find myself sitting on the chair hands and legs tied up with Mina in front of me also sitting on the chair with hands and legs tied up. I heard foot steps so I pretended to me unconscious.

"Please..Don't.." I heard Mina's voice like whispering

I opened my eyes to see Bambam touching her on the face.

"Why are you scared?? I am kind.." Bambam said like a creep.

"HEYY..DON'T TOUCH HER YOU BITCH.." I shouted as I tried to break the rope even though its not possible.

"Ohh...Awake??" Bambam said sarcastically.

He walked to me. My face was still red because of anger. I don't know why I am angry but I was angry that Bambam was touching Mina.

Bambam walked in front of me.

"Wanna be the man?? I will let you be the man.." Bambam whispered in my ears.

I saw him curled his hand into a fist and aimed for the front of my nose. His fist hit the bridge of my nose. My blood splattered all over the ground of the warehouse.

"Don't hit him..Please..Don't.." Mina said as tear rolled down.

"SO YOU WANT TO PROTECT HIM NOW?!!!" Bambam raged as he walked to Mina

"H-HEYY..DON'T H-H-HURT HER..J-JUST H-HURT ME..L-LEAVE HER A-ALONE.." I said as he gave Mina a tight slap..

"Okay..Since you said it..I don't wanna hurt my beautiful Mina too.." Bambam walked to me, face red as hell becausw of his anger.

He showered punches on my face causing blood to splatter all over the ground and drip down my shirt. I felt weak after his punches..I know that he broke my nose but i couldn't do anything about it but just endure it.

"Better watch out..Both of you.." Bambam said before walking out.

" *sniff* *sniff* " Mina sniffed as she cried

"Heyh-hey..W-why you c-crying a-again?? I-i t-told you n-n-not to c-cry r-right? I'm fine..I-i d-don't wanna s-see your eyes s-swollen t-t-tomorrow..C-come on..D-don't cry.." I said as I spit more blood on the floor

"I'm s-s-sorry C-chaeyoung ah..I-its a-all my f-fault.." Mina said as she continue crying.

"I-its okay..I-i w-will protect y-y-you till the e-end okay?? N-no matter w-what..H-have a-a r-rest now..S-s-sleep.." I said

I took deep breathes trying to endure the pain I feel on my body..I hope Jeongyeon, or anyone else find me.

The next day

Jeongyeon's POV

Today is another school day..ARGHHH..

I went to school to see my squad waiting for me but.... someone is missing..

Mina and.. Chaeyoung

He was already discharged but where is he?? And where is Mina??

All I know is that after Chaeyoung got into another accident, Mina continue recieving unknown calls from a women.

"Where is Mina??" I asked them.

"I don't know..Maybe she's late." Tzuyu said

"No...She is never late.." Sana said with a worried expression.

I started thinking about how chaeyoung just got discharged yesterday and went missing with Mina today..

'Something must have happened..' I said to myself

After school

I wanted to know what happened so I went to Chaeyoung's house to a visit. I saw Jihyo sitting on the couch while holding her phone worriedly.

"Hey...Is Chaeyoung and Mina here??" I asked Jihyo.

"T-t-they w-went out y-yesterday b-but t-t-they didn't come b-back.." Jihyo said as she lowered her head and cried.

"I-i h-hope nothing h-happen to h-him..H-h-he i-is my only brother..I-i almost lost h-him many t-times a-a-and I don't want it to h-happen again.." Jihyo said as she burst into tears..

I went to her as I pulled her into a hug..

"Its okay..We'll find them okay?? Don't worry, okay? " I said as I let Jihyo cry on my shoulder.

After I left Jihyo's/Chaeyoung's house, I took out my phone immediately and texted the group.

The squad

Jeongyeon : Chaeyoung and Mina is missing we need to find them as soon as possible. Momo, we need your father's help again.

Momo : sure..I will tell my father.

Sana : Nooo...

Nayeon : I can help..

Tzuyu : hyung..I'm going with you..

Dahyun : I hope nothing happened to them

Jeongyeon : The boys will go with me...Tmr, Momo's house after school.

I went home with a heavy heart..

'What happened to Mina and Chaeyoung?? What WILL happen to them??' I said to myself

I know I wasn't a good friend to Chaeyoung. I shouldn't had ignored him although I know he is in the wrong. He didn't choose to lose his memories.

'I need to find him..' I said to myself


Chaeyoung's POV

I sat on my chair for the whole night,thinking abot my life.

'Why is my life like that?? Why?? What led me into this?? Will I be able to survive?? Will someone save us??' I said to myself.

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