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"C'mon Nandini you can do this." Nandini cheered herself up as she closed her eyes and took long deep breath. "After this one step you can meet your parents." She again cheered herself but something within her wasn't letting her take this step.

Something didn't feel precise yet she put her trembling left leg forward, letting it dangle in the thin air.

One inch closer to her death and all her moments with her parents played in front of her eyes. A tear drop escaped through her eyes and she knew it was the time.

Right when she was about to jump off the building. Someone pulled her and she flew in the air to the side. Ready for the impact, her eyes squeezed shut but instead of falling 10 ft. down the building and landing on the ever so busy road, she landed on someone's chest and she could feel a pair of strong arms on her shoulders.

She opened her eyes only to see the well known face of the film industry.

Manik Malhotra.

He was well known for being in the crowd, something she was once a part of. He was the heart throb of many and once upon a time she too was. One fake scandal and her whole career got ruined.

"Have you gone mad?" He shouted as she got up from him. "Like what were you trying to do?"

"Wasn't it obvious enough?" She shouted back, blinking away the tears that had formed in her eyes. She dusted the dirt from her clothes and wiped away her tears.

"Have you gone insane?" Manik said as he got up and looked at her.

"Yes I have. And it's non of your business. Okay?" She turned towards the edge and stared at it. "Just leave and forget what you just saw."

"And regret it for the whole lifetime." Manik added with anger. He followed her as she walked to the edge. He held her wrist to stop her but she jerked his hand away. "Do you take your life as a joke?"

Nandini let out a chuckle although with pain clearly evident in her voice. "I didn't take life as a joke but I guess life did take me as a joke."

Manik looked at her, hurt clearly evident in his eyes. "You can not give up so easily. You are Nandini Murthy, the diva of the ramp and the super hit actresses. The one standing here is just not your true self." Manik's voice softened.

"I was once all of those and I don't care if this is me or not. I just can't stand this fake world anymore." Nandini said, gulping away the lump that had formed in her throat.

Manik held her by her shoulder and looked at her. "C'mon Nandini. You can't give up on life just because of one fake scandal. So many people love you. You still can fight with the world."

"It's all fake love Manik. I am tired of fighting. I am tired of living. I am tired of giving explanations. I am just tired." Nandini's voice low yet he heard it.

"But this isn't the solution."

"This is the only option I have. If you don't want to be a witness of my suicide then leave." Nandini pushed him away gently.

"I can't and I won't." Manik said, taking a step towards her and she too took a step backward.

"Okay fine. Congrats Manik Malhotra you will be the witness of my suicide." Nandini said as she took a step closer to the edge.

"Nandini." He held her wrist and pulled her towards him, making her breath hitch. She banged on his chest lightly. "It's new year and who knows this year might bring a whole lot of happiness."

Nandini pushed him away yet again, tears flowing down her eyes. "What's wrong with you? Just let me die in peace."

"I won't let you die." He said with clenched jaws before holding her hand and dragging her away from the edge.

She yanked her hand free. "Why should I even live?" She wiped her tears harshly with the back of her palm.

He heaved a slow breath and looked at her before taking a step towards her. "Give me ten days."


"Give me ten days, I can give you ten reasons to live." Manik paused and held her hand. "And then if you don't find the reasons worth it, you can jump off this building. I won't stop you."

"You won't be able to."

"What if I will?" Manik was positive about it.

She sniffed. "Don't waste your time on me."

"What if I want to?" Manik said with determination.

Nandini looked at him with her blurry vision. "You don't-"

Her words died in her mouth when he pulled her into a hug. "I don't want you to die Nandini and I want to do this. Give me one chance."

She tried pushing him. "Get off-"

"Please." He pleaded, holding her tighter even after all her struggles. Finally she gave up and she cried in his arms. Letting all her tears flow down her eyes. She cried her heart out and he just held her tighter, rubbing her back slightly.

"Don't die Nandini. Give me one chance." His voice soft and soothing.

"Just give me one chance Nandini." He said, softly.

"I don't know." Her voice hoarse due to all the crying. He tightened his hold on her. "Please."

"Okay." She finally gave in.


This story is inspired from RiceLover 's Ten reasons not to die but the story plot and writing style credit is solely mine.

Do give this story a chance peeps.

And Happy New Year.
I know am late but it's a New Year surprise for you all.

This story would contain ten chapters excluding prologue and epilogue ❤.

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