All the Courage You Require

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"Watch your step, man. That Luthor bitch has been screwing us around at every turn," one voice said gruffly.

"Which Luthor bitch? The boss or her daughter?" another replied, followed by snide laughter.

Lena could only roll her eyes, but Kara's jaw tightened and her nostrils flared. Her eyes began glowing orange, humming with energy as she prepared a laser blast, but Lena squeezed her arm insistently.

"Wait," she whispered, and withdrew her tablet. Seconds later, they heard the sound of bodies hitting the floor, and Lena peered around the corner with a grin.

"Peruvian sleeping darts," she announced proudly, kicking at one of the thugs' arms. "Very rare, and very effective."

Kara rolled her eyes, but not without an affectionate smile. "Are you going to leave any bad guys for me?"

Lena smirked. "Not if I can help it."

It was easier like this. Joking, teasing, just this side of flirtatious (she really couldn't help it). She could pretend it was like when they first met, before...everything else, and for now, it was what Lena could handle

"Hey, there she is! Get her!"

Lena and Kara whipped around to see a much larger group of men charging down the hall towards them.

"On second thought, they're all yours, Supergirl."

"Thought you'd never ask."

Lena promptly made herself scarce, ducking behind a desk as Kara squared off to face the men with a determined look. She didn't love the fact that she was hiding, but she was a realist: Kara definitely had a better chance at taking them on than she did, what with being Supergirl and all.

Kara launched into action, taking two guys out at full speed with a satisfying whump! Lena peered from around the desk, watching as Kara took the men out with relative ease, twirling away from their attacks like they were moving in slow motion before straightening back up to deliver devastating blows in return. She was handling it well enough, but there were many men and only one of her, which the assailants seemed to be figuring out as they all started coming at her at the same time.

Lena winced when the first blows connected—the barrel of a gun to the face followed by a fist to the gut. She knew it would barely have hurt her, but it was still difficult to watch. Lena angled out from the desk and fired a few shots into the skirmish, the bullets finding their marks and allowing Kara to get some space away from them. She took a couple steps back and unleashed her freeze breath on the remaining attackers, and within seconds, the corridor was completely still once more.

Lena popped out from behind the desk once Kara gave the all clear, and jogged forwards to examine the scene. "Nice work," she hummed, studying one of the frozen men with scientific curiosity. He stood with his arms reaching forwards, his eyes darting wildly from behind his ice prison.

"We make a pretty good team," Kara noted, nudging a man who had taken one of Lena's bullets in the leg. He groaned in pain, but he would live. Lena made a non-committal noise in response. "I think you shot me," Kara added with a slight frown, rubbing at a spot where she'd definitely felt a bullet connect with her shoulder.

Lena paled with guilt, then quickly shook her head dismissively. "You're bulletproof, don't be a baby. Come on, this way."

"I can't believe you shot me..." Kara mumbled in dumb disbelief and followed Lena into a stairwell.

They descended the stairs in silence, the thudding of boots against concrete the only sound for several floors. Kara tried not to, but she found her eyes drawn to Lena's swaying hips and bobbing ponytail, and her mind wandered back to nights when she held this woman in her arms, when her hands wandered over the uncharted peaks and valleys of her body, when she was subject to the curve of Lena's lips, to the sound of her laughter...Alex's words from before echoed in Kara's brain—about being brave in a way that didn't involve punching people.

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