Part 19 - Confess

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After I went out with Pete for the whole day because that's what he wanted, I admitted I do miss him.

Miss as a friend. His place in my heart just slowly gone.

Me and him can be friends but we might be can't be together again.

Since we started to be friends again, we did hang out few times since he had the holidays. I'm glad he came up to me and said sorry.

At least he's being responsible even I had to wait years for he's coming back to me.

Pete also knew it's his fault and both of us rather be good friends again.

But,I felt sorry for Calum. I have to say no everytime he asked me to accompany him somewhere whenever I went out with Pete.

Today, I just went out with Pete again. We went to watch the movie in cinema and played paintball like we used too.

We had a fun time until didn't realize it's already 11 pm. I guess I'm with him for the whole day from the noon until now.

He sent me back home, this time he went out from the car just to accompany me until the door.

"Thanks for this whole day,sweetie" Pete smiled.
Yes I can't ask him to call me by my name. He didn't want it. I'm too tired to ask him the same thing,so I just let him call me.

"I have very much good times too" I nodded.
"See you again,sweetie" he hugged me. I gave him a hug too.

"Have a safe drive" I waved to him. He smiled till showed his teeth and got into his car again. He drove away from here.

I got into the house. I knew the boys just sleep because I warned them to sleep on the exact time even I'm out.

I took off my heels and looked at my phone. I've got a message from my friend,Kate. She's shocking that I'm hanging out with Pete after what he did to me.

"I thought you lost the way to back here" I turned to my side and I saw Calum stood there.

I looked at my watched. "Why don't you sleep yet? It's already pass 11"

"Why you made like this house just like your hotel? Everytime you took a day off,you always back home late. Just like this" Calum looked at me strictly.

" watched me huh?"
"Is that important for you?" Calum rolled his eyes.

"Pfftt,Calum. Go to your room and sleep. I'm tired to talk right now" I walked to the stairs.

Calum chased me with his long legs and held my wrist tightly.

"Let me go" I pulled from him.
"Why?" Calum pinned me to the wall.

"Dude,this time is not the right time to joke around like this. I'm tired" I pushed him but he pinned my back to the wall and stood closer to me.

"Where are you going?" He asked while looking straight into my eyes.
"Why should you know? You're not my boyfriend" I rolled my eyes.

With the blink of the eyes, I felt the soft lips on mine. I didn't react at first.

He just did it. I smiled and replied his kiss. I let him pinned my hands on my head. Calum kissed me passionately. He's a good kisser. I swear.

But it's not fun like this.

I've got the idea.

When Calum deeper the kiss and started to grind on me, I let out the soft moan.


He pulled away from me. "What?"
"Ermm what?" I bit my lip.

"So,that guy named Pete huh? Who is he? Your boyfriend?" Calum looked at me but I only focused on his red plump lips.

That's so sexy.

"Nat,I'm talking to you" he groaned.
"He's my ex that I told you about" I looked at him. He let go my hands after I said it.

"So,you're getting back with him?" Calum stuttered.
"Maybe...." I mumbled.

"You deserve better,Nat" Calum looked at me disbelief on what I said.

"Who?" I dumbly asked.
"Me! I love you,Nat. Why you just back to that shit?" Calum groaned.

I heard it for the first time when I totally awake. I knew this is like the second times he told me since the camp fire. But I still shocked when he looked serious.

"Nat...look at me. I love you. I can treat you better than he did. I'm promise" Calum held my hands.

"I'm sorry,Cal. I can't" I looked at him. He seems to believe me. My acting just getting better too.

He lets go my hands and walked to the front door. I followed him.

"Where you wanna go?" I asked.
"I'm going out. I need the fresh air"

"But it's already late,Cal" I crossed my arms.

"Yeah but I just can't see your face right now. It's so embarrassing me. I shouldn't confessed. I knew I have no chances with you" Calum shut the door.

I should followed him. I put on my heels and walked out from there. Calum didn't took the car because his car still here. I walked out from the gate. I saw he's walking along the side road.

I love this guy.

Natum is rising. New year and I gave you guys double chapters.

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