Chapter 2

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"Soda get out of the shower I'm gonna be late!" Yells Ponyboy from the other side of the bathroom door. I sighed and washed my shampoo out. As I was pulling my towel on Pony opens the door to the bathroom and starts to brush his teeth. I walk out with a towel on and see the whole gang there.

"Darry where is my DX shirt ?" I say in a rush. I guess Darry can tell by my voice I wanted to be there quick.

"What's got you in such a hurry?" He says handing me my jeans and shirt.

Before I could answer Steve opens his mouth. "He wants to see that broad that just moved here. She's been coming in the morning to flirt with the ole famous Soda." he says laughing while stuffing cake in his face. "I think she might be spanish." Everyone looks my way.

"So you finally got over that Sandy girl? Wow buddy I'm proud of you." Twobit says not taking his eyes off of the tv. It must be playing Mickey Mouse.

"I don't know guys I'm not ready to move on so quick and I don't even know if she's into me like that." I say putting on my shirt. She gave me her number but I never had the guts to call. "Plus Darry's strict he's not gonna approve." I say hoping Darry would agree with me.

"Well I don't care as long as she's not a Soc and doesn't cause trouble date whoever you want." He says grabbing his keys. "Come on boys time to go."

I walk into the DX and patiently wait. No Soda you can't do this to yourself.

My thoughts get cut off by the sound of the bell on the door. My eyes dart to the door and some girl socs walk in. Thinking it was the mystery girl I sigh. It's been four days but all the conversations we've had were random jokes and compliments. I haven't gotten her name or any information about her.

The two Soc girls walk over to the counter where I am. This was also an everyday thing. Everyday some Soc girls would walk in and flirt with me. They were all the same. None had their own spark. It was like seeing the same person hundreds of times. Suddenly the bell on the door rings again and I see the mystery girl walk in. She looks over at me and the girls and smiles while waving. I guess the girls at the counter didn't like me giving the slightest bit more attention to her than them so they started glaring at my mystery girl. My. That word rang through my mind. I couldn't help but look at her as she went to the back of the isles. She was wearing very short, shorts which hugged her body perfectly that no one here would dare wear.

Mystery girls POV
I walk through the door only to see Soda and some girls in pink dresses flirting with him. I won't lie. It did hurt to see him with others but he's not mine so I shouldn't feel this way. I noticed him looking over to me Immediately so I smiled and waved. I went to the back and got a Pepsi, instantly feeling self concious about what I was wearing. The girls at the counter where wearing these beautiful dresses (the ones the soc girls were wearing in the movie) and I was wearing the plainest outfit.

I walk back to pay for the Pepsi but the two girls were still standing there flirting with Soda

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I walk back to pay for the Pepsi but the two girls were still standing there flirting with Soda. They blocked the counter. I didn't wanna say anything because since coming from Puerto Rico lots of people have been making fun of my accent and the way I talk in English. I stay there patiently hoping that Soda would notice and let me pay.

It's been 2 minutes already and I couldn't stand it.

"Excuse me." I say quietly. I thought they didn't hear me but the two girls spun their heads around to look at me. Their face had a look of disguised and Soda looked up smiling at me. That kid was so smiley it drove me crazy.

"Sorry ladies I gotta get back to work." Soda says kindly.

"Ew why do you sound like that?" Says one of the girls as the other agrees. I didn't bother responding but I guess Soda had other plans.

"Hey don't talk to her like that." He says gently grabbing the soda I forgot about in my hands he scans it as I try to pull the money out of my pocket. He stops me. "Now you girls better get out of here." They looked stunned and gasped as they stood there. "Close your mouths before you catch a fly." He says making them leave.

"Soda lemme pay this time." I say giggling once they left.

"You will just not with money." He says smirking. I put a puzzled look on my face.

"What do you mean?"

"Go on a date with me." He states more than asking. I blush and hide my face. He lifts my face back up. "You're beautiful, you don't have to hide." He says making me blush even more.

"Yes soda I'll go on a date with you."

"Well you also have to pay the tax which is telling me your name." He says making me giggle.

"It's Alayna." I say walking out leaving him with a priceless face.

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