Prince with benefits

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He looked familiar, but I wasn't sure where I had seen his face before. He had one of those looks that was hard to forget. The dark-chocolate eyes, strong jaw and chiseled features made it impossible not to feel drawn to him. Especially with that adorable dimple chin.

"Sir, are you okay?" the handsome stranger asked the old man.

The old man pressed his lips. He sent me a blazing gaze before turning back to the hottie. "Yes. I'm fine."

The stranger nodded before turning to me. "You're shivering. Are you cold?" He took off his denim jacket and extended it to me. "Is your hotel close enough? If not, I can take you somewhere warm." He pulled his brows together. Without waiting for my answer, he placed the jacket on my shoulders. I should have protested, but truth be told, I was cold. And the jacket made me feel warm instantly. It also smelled good. Like spices.

My eyes slid to the old man, who was still glaring at me, and I cleared my throat. I should get going. I turned to the handsome stranger. "Thank you for the jacket but... I don't really need it." I placed a hand on my shoulder to take the jacket off.

"Keep it, it's cold." He rubbed his chin. "I'm doing my best to be a gentleman. Plus, it's about to rain..." He raised his eyes to the sky.

I licked my lips. He was being kind, and his jacket smelled too good to let go. Anya and Kate were excited about him being here, it made me more curious, especially since his face did seem familiar.

I touched the back of my head. "How far is somewhere warm?"

His lips curved, and my heart almost leapt out of my chest. He had a beautiful smile. "Not far, I swear. I'll drive you back to your house in no time."

I turned to look at the old man, but he was nowhere in sight. He had left and we hadn't even noticed. I chuckled. So much for being saved. "Uhm. So, the man left. I don't need false rescuing now."

The hottie laughed. "False rescuing? What made you think it's false?"

I shrugged. "Other than being cold, I'm in no real danger."

A smile split his face again. "I do feel quite gallant after rescuing you." He raised a hand, counting with his fingers. "Twice."

My lips parted. What was he talking about? "Twice?"

"I paid for your coffee, and I rescued you from the hands of Mr. Smith. He might look normal, but the man has a bad temper."

This guy. I crossed my arms. "I did say thank you for the coffee. And the old man didn't seem that bad." I smirked. "Sorry to burst your chivalrous bubble."

He laughed. "I like you. You're funny."


Thank you!

Thank you!

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