Chapter 28

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Mina's POV

"Bzzz bzz " My phone vibrated signaling that there is a new message.

Chaengie ❤❤ (bold)

"Hey Mina. Are you free at 1 pm??"

"Yea...I am free. So we at meeting at XXX right??"

"Yea..See you later"

"See you later.."

I placed my phone on my heart as I recalled what I saw yesterday.

Chaeyoung hitting himself blaming that it was all his fault that he couldn't remember me. It was a very saddening scene but I couldn't forget how he treat me like shit last time.

"He finally want to meet me..." I said to myself while looking at some of our old pictures.

Yeri's POV

"Chaeyoung told me that he will be meeting Mina today.." I said facing Bambam

"THEY ARE MEETING UP?!?!?"Bambam shouted at he punched the wood table making a hole in it.

"Yes..But he didn't say what time and where.." I said as I lowered my head scared that he might do something to me as he was angry.

"Okay..Prepare everything and we will pratrol around to find them..If luck is on our side we will be able to kidnap them today, together. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.."Bambam said to his mans and I.

Chaeyoung's POV

After texting Mina, I look at the clock and its already 12pm. I took a quick shower and wore a grey sweater with white jeans.

I looked at the mirror as I mumbled " Handsome"

I started styling my hair. I picked one of my favourite perfume and started drowning myself in it.

"Why am I acting like it am first time meeting her??" I asked myself even though I couldn't remember the first time meeting her.

I looked at my watch and its 12.45 pm. I picked up my wallet, phone and car keys. I drove there to wait for Mina. I saw Mina said I waved my hand, I was still in my car.

"So where will me go first??" I asked

"We'll go to the amusement park first..." Mina said as I started to drive.

Mina's POV

The journey was quiet but I broke it.

"How is your relationship with Yeri??" I asked him although it hurts me, I was curious how is their relationship.

"Hmmm...Not so good..I don't feel what I feel when our relationship first started..She always outside but when she is with me she will act like she love me alot...But as time goes by, I don't think I need her by my side anymore but I'm just waiting to break up with her.." Chaeyoung said as his eyes fixed on the road

"Ohh...okay.." I said as we reached the amusement park.

"Where are we gonna go first??" Chaeyoung asked like an excited kid.

"We will go to the game booth first.." I said with a smile on my face

Chaeyoung ran to the booth while I follow behind, he paid for the game and started playing.

"Hey..What do you want??I won. " Chaeyoung asked me while I was looking afar.

"Oh..That penguin toy..Thanks.." I said as I flashed my gummy smile.

"Woww...So sweet...I wish I had a boyfriend like that.." the booth owner said to me.

"Ohh...She's not my girlfriend, just a friend.." Chaeyoung said with an awkward smile

Chaeyoung played another round and got himself a tiger stuff toy.

After that we were walking around to get somethings to eat. Suddenly, Chaeyoung moved and stand closer to me.

"Thats someone in black standing at our right hiding behind..Stand closer to me.." Chaeyoung said but suddenly he squat down as he held his head.

"Chaeyoung, Are you okay??" I asked at I held him to a nearby bench.

Chaeyoung's POV

My head started to hurt.


"You want the stuff toy??" I ask the girl beside me. I couldn't see her face clearly.

She looked at me as she nodded like a child.

I walked up to the booth and played two round and won twice. Not only did I claimed the stuff toy penguin, I also claimed the stuff toy tiger. I gave the penguin to Mina as we continue our activity.

End of flashback

Why is your face always blurred and why I couldn't seem to hear your name??

Another flashback

We went to the parking lot to get my car when I saw a guy dressed in black, his face wasn't covered but since it was dark, I couldn't see anything.

'Werid..Who's that??' I asked myself as I got inside my car..

End of flashback

Arghhh...Who's that girl?? And the person??

"Chaeyoung, are you okay?? Have some water.." Mina passed me some water.

I nodded as I drank some water.

"I came here with someone before do you know who is it??" I asked Mina.

" came here with me before.." Mina said

"Oh..Can we continue this another day?? I am kind of tired.." I lied

While we were walking back, it was suprisingly quiet and calm. Suddenly, a black van pulled up infront of us and pulled us up the van. They cover our mouth with some kind of chemical so that we pass out.

Yeri's POV

I am in the van with Bambam and one of his man.

"Let's go to the amusement park..I know they went there before.."Bambam said to his man who is driving.

The journey was quiet..We were all dressed in black.

When we reached it was 1.30pm, Bambam order his man to get down and find Mina and Chaeyoung even though we wouldn't sure if they are here.

"Ringgg..Ringgg.." Bambam's phone rang

He picked it up and put on speaker mode.

"Sir...They are here..They are are the game booth now.."

"Okay..Inform me when they are going back home..We will kidnap them..Now continue to track them.."Bambam said

End of call

"We can finally get what we want.." Bambam said with a smirk.

"Yea..I can finally get Chaeyoung.."I said with a smirk.

After a few minutes,

Bambam's phone rang again.

"Sir..They are leaving now.."

"Okay.." Bambam said and drove to the entrance..

I saw Mina and Chaeyoung together. We put on our masked and got ready. When we pulled up, we quickly got down the van. I put the cloth over Mina's mouth as Bambam put his cloth over Chaeyoung's mouth..They both passed out as we dragged them into the van.

We quickly drove away hoping that no one saw what happened.

Bambam's POV


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