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Donghun was pacing around his living room thinking about Junhee and his condition hoping he's okay. Was it on purpose? is he upset with something? or was it just an accident? all these thoughts going through his mind.
As he was about to sit down, he heard a knock on the door. He rushed to it and opened it rather harshly.
He saw Chan, Sehyoon, and Byeongkwan. But who he didn't expect to see, was Junhee. His eyes started to water until he was eventually crying.

Donghun ran and hugged Junhee who was also crying. Junhee felt extremely bad for putting him in this situation.

"please tell me you're okay.."
"yes b- yes i'm fine now"  He smiled trying to be positive which made Donghun feel a little better. But he was still worried.

The others left Donghun and Junhee alone in his room for a while. The boys went downstairs and played Beat Saber.

"i want to know how it happened" and so Junhee told his whole story.
"i was going to uhm your house but then sehyoons dad found out me and him are friends and thought we were dating right? so he hit me with his car and i kinda lost control obviously and broke my finger"
Donghun took a deep breath so he doesnt lose his fricking mind.
"does sehyoon know about this?" Junhee nodded his head and Donghun sighed
"as long as your okay"

i was gonna be mean and all
but y'know i'd feel bad :) - jae

i would make longer chapters but i cant im sorry sksks

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