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After the video David said he had to go but he really didn't. He was gonna act like he left but then scare me. I know he was going to do this so I made sure I would make a call.

"Hey babe I gotta go. I love you" he kisses me

"Love you too. Goodnight."

David gets out his camera and I notice he yells bye babe real loud.

I had told one of my friends to call me. It was a boy(space)friend but I acted like he was a "side man"

Phone rings I can feel David's presence coming towards me.

"Hey sweetie, oh yeah he's gone thank god. I though I was never gonna see you."

Hayden just start talking randomly

"Hayden stop" I lightly giggle.

Yeah I'll see you soon. Bye

I get up and see David pouting and crying.

I didn't know it was gonna get this far.


"YOU DIDNT KNOW I WAS HERE, right." He says still kinda shaky

"Holly I thought I could trust you. And after all we have been through you. You. You ch-cheat on me." He says sniffling tears.

"David I was a joke!"

David face kinda lifts up in relief.

"Are you sure?"

"Dude you can even call Hayden back, I would never do such a thing, especially if that person is you!" I say trying to lighten the mood.

David pushes me on the bed and we start to wrestle and play.

"I love you" He says looking up at me.

"Not as much as I love you David."

"Not possible."

I take a picture of me and David laying on my bed. We just pose. David tries to do the kissy face and I just picked up my lips and make the duck face and look at him.

I luv u🚀🌠
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Zane/ I feel unloved😰😪

Scotty/ ^^^^^

Todd/wow I feel lonely

David/ you should. (Tagged Todd)

Todd/ stfu

David/ holly block him😂

David/ btw I luv u toooooooooo (i luv u more tho)💕💕💕💕

Holly/ (david tagged) well that's not possible baby!!!!❤️

I'm just kinda sad that they still can't get along

"Babe, go talk to Todd."


"If you love me u would?"

"Fineeee" but I swear if he insults you or says something about loving you it's not gonna be pretty"

"Whatever Dobrik!"

Love youuuu

Luv u tooooo

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