Chapter 5

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"Wake up, Baby", Shaurya felt her soft lips on his eyes. His eyes fluttered to meet her beautiful face. He looked around to realise they were back in the cottage. "Mehek", he whispered and tried to kiss her but she withdrew shyly. Aftermath of their lovemaking was evident on Mehek. She held on to the satin sheet from falling beneath her naked chest. She smiled alluringly yet she covered herself in the soft sheet and prepared to leave his bed. "Stay", he held on to her wrist. "I would have if you were not a poor loser", her mocking words pricked him. "I love you, Mehek", he told her earnestly. She smirked and moved closer to him, "Why don't you tell me that you are rich, powerful and famous. I could manage with a billionaire", she straddled on to him, "I would have stayed back to satisfy you". He pushed her away and turned to hide his sorrow. She laughed wickedly and said loudly, "You desire me, Shaurya. Only I can quench your thirst. Accept it".

Shaurya woke up from his dream. He looked around to realise he was in a posh hotel room. The blonde whom he had picked up last night from his office party came out clad in white bath robe. "Hey, there", she greeted him. He quickly gathered his clothes and briskly moved to restroom. He splashed water onto his face. Mehek. She still haunts him. No matter how many women he took, his body and soul crave for her. He hated himself and hated her more. He wished to torment her and drag her through the pain she pushed him into.

At a newly established bakery

Sonal and Mehek were arranging their cakes carefully on the table. Preparation was Mehek's forte whereas Presentation was Sonal's strength. Their tiny business prospered within few weeks and got quite popular even among elite class of the city. But today a special client was supposed to visit their bake house for cake tasting. A wealthy groom and his bride were supposed to arrive in few minutes. It will be a huge boost to their business if they managed to bag this opportunity. Mehek swayed a bit while Sonal rushed to her side. "Mehek, chill buddy. It will be just fine", Sonal boosted her confidence and asked her to relax. Sonal went ahead to welcome their client. Mehek took a deep breath, straightened her uniform and murmured a small prayer. She walked confidently to the front and looked at the clients to whom Sonal was animatedly chatting. As she noticed the groom and bride, dark spots stared to clouded her vision and soon darkness consumed her.

"Mehek, are you all right?", Sonal hovered over her. Mehek nodded and realised she was on the couch in their tiny office room. "The Client?", Mehek asked anxiously. "Hell with the client? I send them away. Your health is more important", Sonal rebuked her. "You don't understand, Sonal. It's him", Mehek got agitated, "It's Shaurya". Sonal's eyes widened, "Bloody Hell. You mean Mr. Shaurya Khanna is your Shauyra". Mehek was equally shocked so see him. He was dressed up impeccably in his well-cut suit. He had grown a neat beard and his hair was trimmed to perfection. When he removed his shades to meet her eyes, she saw a flicker of emotion in them but soon it changed to coldness. She was overwhelmed to see him yet fainted being unable to bear the blow. "Mehek, this is a sign from universe. You have to meet him", Sonal was enthusiastic. "Sonal, in case you haven't noticed he is getting MARRIED", Mehek was on verge of tears. "GOING to marry; not married yet. I am sure from what I heard from you, his feelings were genuine. May be this marriage is just a rebound. You never got chance to explain yourself and this is your chance. You need to talk to him" Sonal tried to justify. Mehek was still unsure but Sonal planned it all. "They already asked us to propose another convenient slot. I will arrange to meet them tomorrow for cake tasting. While I distract the girl, you converse with your Prince Charming", she convinced Mehek.

At Shaurya's office

"Nikki, When have they proposed to come?", Shaurya asked his secretary. "Tomorrow, Sir. Around 11 am", she informed. "Ask them to come to Khanna mansion. Ensure that mansion is decked up properly. Luxury should drip from every corner of my home",he instructed her. Eventhough confused, she nodded and took note of it. "Cancel all my appointments for tomorrow. I will be working from home", he added. He recalled how he met Mehek again at her bakery. Shock was evident on her face. She would have never expected to find the penniless struggling musician with whom she had a one night stand to appear before her as powerful billionaire business man. Despite his animosity, he dashed to her side when she lost conscious. His arms found her before she hit ground and carried her to safety. For a moment he was concerned for her but soon he remembered her viciousness and look his leave. Now when he learned that she was coming to his turf, he wanted to be well armed to ambush her.

Next day at Khanna mansion

"Hmmm", Nehal moaned with a spoonful of cake in her mouth. Sonal smiled while Mehek tried her best not to gag. "I am hopelessly confused. All your flavours are awesome. I can hardly chose one", Nehal exclaimed. Sonal blinked at Mehek sarcastically and mouthed, "Immature". Mehek glared at her disapprovingly. Nehal is a sweet girl with a heavy tint of childishness. Mehek was feeling guilty to cause trouble in her paradise. Since Shaurya was missing, Sonal hinted, "May be Mr Khanna could help you out. Where is your fiance?". "Oh, he is so busy with his work", Nehal informed them. Mehek's face fell but Sonal squeezed her palm. "Any luck , yet?", Shauyra's voice beamed from behind and Sonal turned to look at him. Mehek remained still until he walked around to reach Nehal. He sat on armrest beside Nehal and side hugged her. Mehek was unable to decide whether she was delighted or disturbed to see him. It was like a meeting a new person as he was nothing like the Shaurya she knew. Besides, she was getting uncomfortable perceiving his affection towards Nehal. "I am lost, Jethji (brother-in-law)", Nehak's words shocked both Sonal & Mehek. "Jethji? Isn't he your groom?", Sonal was quick to ask. Nehal giggled, "He is my fiance's brother. Although I call him Jethji, he is more than a brother to me". Mehek sighed in relief and her face glowed with happiness. Shaurya turned his attention to Nehal, "Doll, don't stress too much. Choose anything you like. Afterall you are going to be daughter-in-law of Khanna family. You deserve the best". He ignored Mehek completely and walked a little distance to turn back, "Incase you need anything, I will be in my office ". Mehek understood that it was her cue to meet Shaurya. She looked at Sonal who reassured her. When Sonal got Nehal busy, Mehek slipped out unnoticed.

Mehek took a deep breath to calm herself and adjusted her attire. She had worn a black pencil skirt with red top. She had left her hair open and wore makeup to make herself presentable. She softly knocked on his door.He pretended to be immersed in work eventhough he expected her intrusion. "Shaurya, Can I come in?", she requested nervously. "If you need to negotiate about your catering service charges, you can contact my secretary", he ignored her. "I wanted to talk about us", she quickly told him. "As far as I could remember there was no US", he spat at her. "Shaurya, I regret the way we parted...", she tried to explain but he didn't allow her to finish. "Ma'am, I am extremely busy. I don't have time to waste on your rants. I can hardly spare 5 minutes for you", he declared and browsed through his papers. "I came to apologize to you next morning itself but you had already left. I tried to contact but...", she was desperate for him to know the truth but he paid no attention. "You have three minutes left", he said carelessly. "Shaurya, please listen. My intention was not to hurt you. I was in a difficult situation when we met. My engagement was just broken and I wasn't ready yet for another relationship", she shared her situation. "Yet, it didn't prevent you to spend a night with another man", he mocked her cruelly and glanced at his watch to avoid her seeing his emotions, "I guess the remaining one minute is of no use to you. So Adieus ". He walked towards the door to exit but Mehek raised her voice, "Wait". 

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