Chapter Thirteen

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"They could be dead!" Daisy yelled searching the van frantically for it's keys.

"That's morbid." Jonathan states and Duncan places a comforting hand on Daisy.

"They aren't dead. They're vampires." Duncan says calmly.

"Is that a metaphor or..." Jonathan asks and looks at Lauren who was shaking her head.

"Welcome to my strange friend group." Lauren sighs and looks at the pistol in Jonathan's hand. "Why do you carry that thing around in your car?"

"Just in never know who's running around the streets. Especially now that those BeechWood murderers are on the loose. I forget what they look like but if I see those killers i'm prepared." Jonathan says sternly. Lauren stiffened beside him and took a deep breath.

"Dee, you trust me right?" Duncan asks his friend who was now on the verge of panic.

"Yeah, but-"

"Okay, then trust me when I say that Sam and Ari are fine." Duncan insist but Daisy covers her face with her hands.

"I'm overreacting, I know, but I'm just scared that I'll loose another important person in my life. My best friend is dead, my boyfriend is...God knows where." Daisy mumbles and turns around so that Duncan couldn't see her crying. Duncan spun Daisy around and wrapped his arms around his friend and she collapsed in his arms. 

"You just need to calm down. Okay?" Duncan says slowly and Daisy nods and pulls away from Duncan.

"Okay." She took a deep breath and nodded. "I just...panic attack...I guess."

Duncan nodded and turned towards his sister and Jonathan. "Wanna tell me where you've been? I thought you were dead. Do you know how it feels to think your sister is dead? It's not fun." He says angrily.

"I'm sorry. Wren or...Amber didn't really give me a fair choice." Lauren says and Duncan looks at Jonathan.

"Are you on our side? Because that gun could be handy." Duncan says and Jonathan stutters.

"Yeah, sure I guess." Jonathan says and Duncan nods.

"Go get Carlos and I'll find the keys to the van." Duncan says and Jonathan walks over to where Carlos was unconscious on the ground.

"He's not dead is he?" Lauren asks and Jonathan had his hand on Carlos's wrist looking for a pulse.

"Not dead, but he shouldn't have passed out over this wound. He seriously overreacted because I literally just nipped him." Jonathan says and shows Lauren a gash on the side of Carlos's thy. "Either he's faking to get treatment or he's just a huge wimp." He says

Lauren giggled and the two started to drag Carlos to the van.

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