This is how it started

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No bodys P.O.V

Cadmus has been experimenting with new things. They created a gun that can turn you into a animal but not from this earth. They even got help from 2 humans and there pet.

Back to the heroes at Mount Justice

Megan was making cookies. Conner was watching static. Raquel and Zatanna are painting nails. Artemis and Robin were spairing and Wally was watching. Kaldur was swimming.

Artemis P.O.V

I was sparing with Robin. I knocked him on his feet so I was on top of him.

"Aww whats wrong birdy.. Sad because you lost." I teased.

"No. I'm winning." He said then smirked.

I felt his legs go around my waist and basically knocked me.

He got on top.

"Aww what's wrong Arty did you lose." He teased.

"Should I leave?" Wally asked.

"What?" Robin responded back.

"Well I'm not sure if things are getting heated.. You know like you two start taking close off and stuff." Wally said..

That made me blush so hard. Robin gets off and just had a blank kind of gross out facial expression.

batman: Team come to mission briefing.

"Yay mission." Wally said before taking off.

"Wanna race there?" Robin asked me.
"Yeah." I responded.

We both got there at the same time. Soon everybody else got there.

"There was a shipment at a warehouse. It was shipped from Cadmus. Your job is to investigate it. If you see anyone Do Not Try and Take Them Out." Batman said.

And with that we headed to the Bioship.

"This is a rather large warehouse. We can split in teams of two to check the place." Kaldur said

"I call Aqualad." Raquel said.

Its rare but I actually saw Kaldur blush..

"I'm with Megan." Conner said.

Megan just smiled at him.

"How about it Robin you and me?" I asked Robin.

He smiled and responded with


"What happen to Bros before H-" Wally started

But Robin gave him the Bat glare.

When we got there. Robin and I crept around.

In mind link:

"So anyone finding anything." wally asked.
"Not yet." Kaldur responded.
"Same." Robin said.
"Guys might want to come here." Conner said.

With that we all went on the move and got to where he was. There was a huge gun. Some one was there.

Last thing I saw before going unconscious was it blast my teamates, friends and well new family.

Author Note:

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments.

My brother and I were talking about eevee evolutions when this crossed my mind...

What will happen Next?

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