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I dont ship leebury  imsorry

But i decided to make this cuz im nice person

This was requested by bi_queen_of_england

I wanna cry now cuz i spent 20 min to find chapter where ppl requested.

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Here, idk what prompts am i gonna choose

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Here, idk what prompts am i gonna choose

But lets see-

In the cinema, cuz why the fuck not
Also this is like....soft smut?

Cuz who the fuck fucks at angsty movie?

Also im mad at google cuz i searched for smut prompts and they gave me ANGST PROMPTS





"Leeeeeeee where we going?" Samuel whined as Lee led them to receptionist and paid them both tickets to see the movie 'The Darkest Minds' (cause I fcken love Gwendoline Christie)

Soon, Lee and Samuel entered with popcorns and surprisingly, no one really was there.

Some high schoolers, few adults and them.

But needless to say, they sat down, movie started and began to eat popcorn.

After what seemed of 30 minutes, Lee glanced at Sam.

Samuel was in brink of crying, his full attention on movie and his hand in the popcorn box not even pulling out to eat popcorn.

That Lee got idea.

He swiftly moved popcorn box from Samuel's lap and Sam gave him confused look.

Then, in swift motion, Lee began to palm him through tight skinny jeans, which that made everything worse.

Samuel sharply gasoed, trying not to moan.

They weren't alone but it would be weird to hear two dudes moaning on intense scene.

Samuel clamped his hand over his mouth, Lee pressuring his hand tighter untill he decided to unbuckle his belt.

Samuel took a breath, his hazel eyes already in tears, making his pale skin glowish from tears.

Lee smirked then leaned into his ear only to whisper dirty secrets and nothings into his ear, only to make him ache for him.

Then Lee took out Samuel's cock out of his boxers and firmly squeezed, Samuel opening his mouth widely, trying to not make a sound.

Lee leaned over again and ASMR him, making goosebumps on his skin as he began to bump his cock.

On screen, there was action and Samuel was close to come.

"Will Kitten say what he wants from Daddy?~" Lee teased.

"Ugh Lee, p-please...just finish me off we can do it at home p-please..." He whimpered.

"Call me by my real name again.." He growled.

"Please Daddy~" Sam begged.

Lee smirked, proud.

"Okay, baby boy. But we are going home right now. After you finish." Lee smiled, began to bump his cock.

Samuel made a sound in his throat, he wanted to watch this movie ever since it has been released.

But he knew that his daddy will bring him back here again.

He knew that he must not disobey his daddy.

And befire he knew it, he saw bliss of his view when he came.

"Good boy, Sammy is a good boy..." Lee murmured.

Samuel panted softly.

Then Lee got up, took his coat as he motioned for Sam to do same.

Samuel fixed his pants  and put on his coat and scarf.

Lee led Sammy out of room, Samuel tried to take his glance which he did.

And he was pulled.

Pulled to his daddy.

Only his.

The end but also, myb to be continued???


Idk, myb imma do another part of this chappie, of what they did in home.

Ok that is it.

Imma go and sleep, it is late.

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