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There was something about sunrises I've always loved. Aniket and I were sitting on our balcony, drinking a cup of tea, and enjoying the tranquil silence.

I never thought it would be me who would shed a tear at the sight of the beautiful rise of the glorious sun. But to my disappointment, I cried. I always imagined that Aniket would be the softy. I've seen him cry on multiple occasions for the most childish reasons before he lost his memory. Now, he's awfully talkative, and doesn't blush as much. He seems almost confident of himself.

I like it in a way, but it puts me one edge. This is not my Aniket. My Aniket is sweeter than chocolate and more addictive than the fragrance of freshly picked orchids. He is my sunrise and sunset. My beginning and my end. The love of my life.

Now, he's confident, cocky and such a sweet talker. His eyes wander, never settling on my eyes for more than than moment. I sip my tea, and watch his behavior closely, simultaneously wiping the lone tear on my glowing cheeks.

Aniket smirks at the sight and leans forward, adjoining his hands together and spreading his legs apart arrogantly. "Is this from the pregnancy hormones too?"

"Yes, I don't cry very easily." I say, pouting at him when he lifts his eyebrow.

We sit there for a while until we hear the front door shut loudly. I jump up in shock, and blush furiously when Aniket shakes his head.

Damn this.

I run down the stairs anticipation stirring in my blood. Who could it be?

When I reach the end of the stairs, my mother has a disapproving look on her face, shaking her head at me for running.

"Sorry." I say sheepishly grinning, and placing a protective hand over my stomach.

"Krithika! How dare you kidnap my daughter from me?" Mayma yells at my devil of a mother. Mayma has her hands fisted, like she wants to punch a wall in anger.

My mother laughs in response with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "We also kidnapped your son, you know that right?"

"Oh, who cares about that idiot." She says, waving her hands towards her left absentmindedly. "I just want my daughter back."

I try not to laugh while they exchange their weird pleasantries. Aniket stomps down the stairs, and I drag him to sit beside me on the island in the kitchen.

He doesn't bother to get me a chair, so I just lift one by myself and place it in between Aniket and Mayma. My mother is standing on the other side, making some Upma for this morning.

I have that weird craving for honey at the sight of food. I swipe my tongue over my lower lip and bite it gently as the image of sweet, golden honey comes rushing into my head. I am dragged back from my delicious thoughts when Mayma asks me a question.

"What do you think Krithi? Should your Pops and I stay here until our house is built?"

"Um, sure, that's a great idea Mayma!" Mayma smiles at me and quickly gives me a side hug when my mother turns around to get the salt from the cupboard.

"Mayma?" Asks Aniket confused. He scratches the side of his neck, clearly not fitting in our conversation. Papi and Pops was no where to be seen. Probably out talking about cars. I wanted to go join them than sit here talking about nothing and everything, but I don't think my mother would approve. Especially when Mayma is here.

"Yeah. It's a nickname. I gave you one too, but I don't think it's appropriate." I say, eyeing my mother and whispering the last part while her back is still turned.

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