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I actually really enjoyed writing this one, I might try to do more like it in the future.

Lachlan's P.O.V.

I kicked my feet back and forwards in my chair, sat outside the principals office for probably the eighth time that week. I was normally in trouble for disrupting classes and not completing my work but it wasn't really my fault, none of the teachers taught the material in any way I could understand.

I used to be okay at school, I never had to repeat a grade or anything and I got mostly decent grades, C's and occasionally B's if I liked the glass or if it was a non reading based class like P.E. or woodwork. I did well in both of them.

"Mr Power? Come in please." I looked up to see the principal, Mrs Litten, standing in the doorway to her office and gesturing for me to come in. I did so reluctantly, knowing it would just be another talk about how I needed to try more, make some friends and settle down, try and get my grades up.

Instead, she pushed a folder towards me, gesturing for me to open it. I did so and I saw my folder with all the information they had gathered about since I had started high school. My grades, my general information, the trouble I had gotten in, my teachers comments. I rolled my eyes when I saw my year 9 English teachers comments.

Unfocused, disruptive, never completes his work, rude to teachers and peers. Given several detentions for yelling in class. I glared at it. I had yelled because he was being a homophobic and transphobic dickhead and because I was a decent human being I was trying to tell him how rude he was being, especially as I knew there was a trans girl in the room and I am gay, making it doubly offensive.

Some of the other comments included careless, impatient, lazy, volatile, argumentative, inconsiderate and rude. I glared at all the words, I knew I was some of them sometimes but it was mostly because I got frustrated that I couldn't understand the work and no one bothered to explain it to me. My detention record wasn't the greatest but I had never been suspended.

"Look Mr Power, I am at the end of my tether. I've tried everything to help you, to stop your disruptive behaviour, but nothing so far had worked and I'm not sure what to do." She sighed, leaning back and looking at me very sternly. "I've gotten a tutor for you, a fellow student rather than a teacher this time because that didn't work out very well last time."

I folded my arms, thinking of the tutor she had given me last time. He was a teacher, one of the older ones who thought he knew everything and he didn't take very well to my smartass attitude and he especially didn't like that I didn't understand the material. He thought I was just being lazy and didn't do the work, not that the information physically didn't compute and I didn't understand it.

"He's agreed to it and he should be waiting outside, I hope this goes better than last time and I hope you at least try to make an effort. I'm not sure what we can do, other than put you in a separate class with a special teacher." I glared, my lips pressed together in a thin line.

Mrs Litten stood up and opened her door, gesturing for the person outside the door to come in.

"Mr Barn, thank you for being here. Come in." She pulled out an extra chair and another student, apparently in the same year as me, came and sat down.

I did recognise him though. He was the quiet cinnamon skinned boy who sat quietly in the front of my science and english classes, barely speaking unless it was to answer a question. He didn't seem to have many friends other than a girl whose name I didn't know, both of whom loved their classes and who I would probably classify as nerds or geeks.

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