2 - I'm a Virgin...

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He pushes me down on the mattress and reconnects our lips. I feel him pressing his dick down on me, he begins to grow harder and it turns me on even more.

His hands move around my stomach eventually making their way to my breasts. His hand slides under my back, I arch my back to allow him to swiftly unclip my bra before be pulls it out from under my shirt. He wraps his hands around my breasts and deepens the kiss more. The kisses grow rougher and shorter and I feel him move his hands to my lower stomach and swiftly rip my shirt over my head.

I take the chance to breath while he isn't kissing me.

His eyes look into mine as if he's asking for permission to fuck me. Yes. I don't say it, I don't even move, I just think it. Yes.

His hands interlock with mine as he holds them above my head and kisses just below my ear. Ugh.

"Mm." I slightly moan at the contact of his lips and my neck.

I find a sudden burst of confidence that drives me crazy. I slip my hands out from his grip and find my way to his lower back. I throw his shirt across the other side of the tent and he smirks at me. I push on his shoulders, smoothly but quickly flipping him over so I am now on top. I sit on top of him run my hands down his chest, across the diverts of his abs to the buckle of his shorts, my hands fumble with the buckle before I take his pants off. I straddle over him as he places his hands on my hips trying to pull me down so my vagina is touching his dick through my pants and his boxers.

I move myself against him slowly. I feel his teeth latch onto the top of my ear gently as he nibbles on it.

I abruptly pull away so I'm sitting on him again.

"What are you doing babygirl?" His voice mumbles as he sits up and wraps his arms around me and slips his hands in the bottom of my underwear to my ass.

I look at him, almost loosing myself in his touch.

"U- I'm a virgin."

"What?" He looks almost hurt. "I don't do gentle, you know baby."

"That's okay. Fuck me."

"I'll fuck you until you can't walk babygirl."

Next thing I know I've been flipped over and Bailey is now on top of me with his lips sucking away at the top of my breasts while my hands pull at the strings of his dirty blonde hair.

His hands move down to my pants as he continues sucking at me. I feel my stomach turn when my underwear is thrown off me and across the tent. Bailey moves his head up to look me in the eye before slowly sucking on my neck. Then my breasts. Then my stomach. Then my thigh. Then he really sucks on my inner thigh. My hands rake through his hair. He moves up my thigh centimeters, until he's right at the top. He stops. He moves up and kisses my lips roughly while my hands find their way to his boxers, my hand runs over his hard dick before ripping the boxers off swiftly. Bailey takes my hands again and begins sucking and biting just under my ear again. Ugh. I love it.

"Mm, you ready baby girl." He mumbles into my neck, not as a question though.

Before I respond or even think about it, he has his dick rubbing against my entrance and my heart rate begins to race. He slowly pushes his hard dick into my wet vagina as far as it goes. I feel him bite my neck a bit harder.

"You're so tight."

I slip one of my hands out from his grip and take his hair in my hand. He starts bringing his dick out again, right when I think he's about to thrust back into me he pulls it right out.

"No baby girl, I'm pulling your hair tonight." He seductively whispers into my ear.

My breathing hitches in my throat. Oh god.

Bailey grabs me in one swift motion and flips me over so I'm kneeling on the bed with my chest pressed hard against the bed, my ass in the air.

"I'm gonna make you scream so bad." His hands run up my back until they reach my shoulders.

One of his hands rests on my shoulder and the other clutches onto my hair. He kisses my back then re-enters my vagina, this time a lot faster. He doesn't waste time as he begins thrusting in and out of me quickly. It hurts so bad. His dick is so big. But I love it. Eventually the pain turns into pleasure.

"Uhh." My hands grip the bed sheets as I moan.

"Yeah babygirl."

I am now raised up onto my elbows so it's like I'm crawling and Bailey has a hold of both my shoulders. He starts pulling me back on him as he pushes his dick into me. Fuck.

"Fuck." He moans loud.

My muscles in my legs start to tighten as my legs begin to shake.


So he goes faster. And harder. And deeper. Pulling me against him harder, and thrusting harder. He starts moaning louder and more consistently.

"Oh babygirl. Yes. Oh my god."

"I'm gonna cum." I whimper.

"Just a minute."

My body is on fire. With every thrust I grow closer and closer to my orgasm. My toes curl and I start pushing back against Bailey as my mouth uncontrollably screams his name. My vagina becomes so sensitive and it burns, my muscles clench so tight I can feel my vagina tightening around his dick. And I explode. My body shakes and goes crazy with pleasure.

"Fuck Bailey."

But he doesn't stop. He goes harder and then does one slow but deep thrust. Then another.

Then another.


I've never loved hearing something so much in my whole life. Babygirl. He goes in one last time and I feel him shake a little. His hands grip my shoulders with such force I feel them bruise.

We both collapse onto the bed, Bailey laying on top, still inside me. After a few minutes he rolls off me and throws the condom to the side. He lays beside me and pulls the blanket over us.

"Are you walking back to your friends?" He smirks.

"No." I whimper still in shock.

"Didn't think so babygirl."

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