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Gaige sat in the comfortably loud and privileged cafeteria with his hands folded in his lap, watching everyone else around him.  There was conveniently an empty lunch table for him to occupy by himself like every teen movie. But he preferred it in every way. He hadn't talked to anyone but Penny from first period, so there was no one to sit by, and the lunches on peoples trays only made him think about being hungry when Gaige knew he couldn't be. 

So now he sat on a little round stool that was attached to the round fold up table, watching various trust fund babies in Gucci bags laugh about Gaige's worn out clothes or the stories they may have heard from the Peterson's -who had no trouble selling out their step-sibling on his first day. Gaige blew up a breath between his teeth, crossed his arms on the table, and laid his head down.

"Aww, you feeln' okay?" Gaige raised his head, eyebrows furrowed at the question. There were so many new voices and noises in the cafeteria that he couldn't distinguish this one. But it was his new acquaintance, Penny from first-period history. With a floral lunch bag and two people awkwardly standing behind her.

Gaige doesn't say anything, only straightening his shoulders a little bit and lifting his eyebrows a millimeter. Penny just slides onto a stool across from Gaige and pats the table next to her while looking at her two friends, "Sit down, guys. This is my new friend, Gaige. He's new and lonely so we're going to sit by him," The boy with dark gelled up hair, puffy vest, and hipster glasses sits on the right of Penny. A girl with hot pink strip in her black hair and glitter around her Asian ethnic eyes smirks as she sits next to Penny, setting her lunch tray on the table.

"Gaige, these are my best friends Simon and Carmen. Simon, Carmen, this Gaige, the boy from first period who knew immediately what my trans flag was," Simon just nods, pulling off his backpack and setting it next to him to bring out a navy blue lunch bag. 

Carmen leans forward, biting a baby carrot from her lunch, "I've got to say, based on your...asthetic, I'm surprised you knew any of the pride flags. How come?" Gaige glances at Penny, to see if she was going to do anything about her friend, but Penny was just peeling the crust off her PB & J, before glancing up to wait for Gaige's answer with her friends, "Well?"

Gaige runs a hand through his dirty brown locks, "My friend Maddie -back in Flordia- had a cousin come out as gay. And Maddie's the type of girl that likes to be as educated as possible about everything. Which meant my brother and I were also going to become educated in everything LGBTQ. Flags, terms, she even made me miss work to go to a pride parade," Gaige shrugged, picking at a string on the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

Penny and Carmen shared a look before Carmen smiled widely at him, "Your friend sounds amazing. I already love her."

Penny leans on Carmen with a whinny face, "I wish she lived here. Is she gay? Is she into long distance relationships?" Simon chocked on his fruit water that he was drinking, his eyes bugging out at Penny's request.

"Penny!" His voice deep in the large, loud cafeteria. He was seemingly the opposite of his two friends, "You can't just say that!"

Gaige just watched the friends exchanged, as Penny laughed, "Calm down, Si, I was kidding. A little bit. But I know that Gaige is not about to give his most likely straight friend's number to me because she lives all the way in...Flordia?" Gaige nodded at Penny's attempt to remember where he had said he was from earlier in the conversation.

Carmen's eyebrows shoot up as she sets her milk carton down, "Ooh, why'd you move up here? I heard some rumors your living with the Peterson's. The super smart and stuck up ones."

A smile instantly rose on his lips. Gaige's liking of this group skyrocketed at the comment about his step-siblings. It felt amazing to know someone else -someone who was just as rich and privileged- didn't like Milton and Krista. Even if it was a couple of sophomores.

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