~whatever you say~

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Your POV:

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Your POV:

"Kids pizzas here!" Walter shouted

"I GOT IT!" Me and Max yelled back in unison from my room, we had been watching Disney movies

The door bell rang and I raced down the steps with Max. Me, excited to see Tyler, Max, just excited for food.

As soon as I opened the door I expected to be greeted by my best friend. But was surprised to see someone else instead. It was a guy, seemed to be in his twenties. He smelled like weeded and was scratching at his beard with one hand, holding the pizza boxes in the other.

"One pineapple, one pepperoni."

"Yeah uh.. thanks" I said handing him the money and taking the pizzas

I went into the living room to see Walter and Max sitting on the couch, Levi, spaghetti and Mabel in between them.

"I'm eating in my room" I sigh sadly, setting Max's pizza on the coffee table and running up the stairs.

I sat down on my bed, and opened the box Only to be greeted by a note written with M&Ms

"the park" it read

I instantly broke out into a smile, laughing lightly to myself at Tyler's sweetness

I left my pizza untouched and pulled on Tyler's sweatshirt not thinking much of it. I raced down the steps again and went into the living room to see Max eating his pizza like a caveman. He just kept shoving bite after bite into his mouth, while Walter mindlessly pet Mable. I glanced over to the tv to see they were watching white chicks

"I'm heading to the park" I say grabbing Levi and putting a leash on him. Don't need another accident and fight.

"Bye." Max says with a full mouth. Waving me off and I laugh to myself, slipping on my converse heading out the door.

When I got to the park I didn't see Tyler anywhere. I went and sat down on our usual bench and stared up at the sky. Suddenly large boney hands were placed over my eyes from behind.

"Guess who?" I familiar deep voice asked and I couldn't help but smile

"Hmmmm. Let me think for a minute." I say putting the tip of my index finger to my chin acting like I needed to actually think deeply

"Mayyybbbeeee..... I don't know, that one kid who delivers pizzas with his scooter" I giggled

"Close enough" Tyler laughed going and sitting down next to me.

"I got you something" he said handing me a box.

"Oh wait, I got Levi something too" he laughed handing Levi a bone shaped biscuit which he of course devoured in less than a second. basically inhaling it

"What's this?" I said raising my eyebrow at Tyler

"Uhhh I don't know, just a little something" he shrugged

I opened the box to reveal a silver bead bracelet with a small charm. I flipped it over to reveal a tiny paw print with "Levi"
written underneath. I smiled to myself. I could see Tyler's knee moving up and down as his leg shook anxiously

"I uh... I just thought, I don't know, that you'd want a piece of him, you know.. in case you ever lost him again. Or just any time you're away" Tyler told me moving his wild raven hair away from his face. Each curl slipping through his fingers smoothly

"I love it" I giggled pulling him into a hug. I guess I took him by surprise, because at first he stayed stiff, then melted into it and hugged me back tightly. I went to pull away but he stayed hugging me

"Uhhh Ty?"

"Oh- o-oh right" he chuckled nervously pulling away. I giggled in return

"And ty? That's a new one" he exclaimed, the corners of his mouth turning up and spreading a smile across his thin, chiseled features

"Never mind. You're right, Pizza guy" I said and he turned to me and winked

"Whatever you say pineapple pizza girl"

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