Jakes Dare and The Note

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" DO you regret getting Bella pregnant and having Nessie, and turning her into a vampire." Aunt Rosy asked. " I regret getting Bella pregnant...." He started. My mouth dropped open. " Nes! Let me finish!" he said. I closed my mouth and crossed my arms. " As I was saying,I do regret getting her pregnant, because of the pain she went through. But i no way, shape, or form do I regret Nes, or turning Bella into a vampire." he finished. I relaxed. "Now..whose next?"

(still Nessies POV)

"Okay lets see here....." Daddy said, a small smile on his lips. Aunt Alice laughed. Obviously she knew what was going to happen. Dad shot an annoyed glance at her. "Jacob?" he asked. I tensed. "K I'm a little scared of what you might make me confess with all the mind reading stuff so I'm gonna go with dare..." Jake said.

"Alright Jake.....let's see here. I dare you to kiss Rose for at least a minute. And yes, it has to be on the mouth." I laughed. Mom, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett were trying to hold back laughter. So were all the wolves. Wait Uncle Emmett!? I would've thought he'd have been upset. Well that's Emmett. I looked at Jake. He was almost as white as my family. Then I glanced at Aunt Rose. She looked *furious.*

"But uhhh uhh but but I don't think..free will umm thats not...kill revenge...sense man...." Jake sputtered.

"You chose dare you have to do it!" Aunt Alice laughed. Jacob groaned. He dragged himself over to Aunt Rose and then glared at my dad. If looks could kill...well daddys already dead. So it wouldn't do much would it....? Daddy laughed. Get out of my head dad! I thought angrily. Jake glanced back at Rose and gulped. Then, they kissed. I could feel jealousy building inside me. Uncle Jasper looked at me. oops!

Jaspers POV

As Jacob and Rose kissed, I could feel jealousy building in her. I looked at her. I smiled. I quickly wrote something down and tossed it to Emmett. This will be fun won't it?

Emmett's POV

As I watched the dog kiss my wife-I know I laughed about it. But it still doesn't make me happy.-I felt a note hit me in the back. I glanced it. It was from Jasper. I read it and laughed. I shielded my thoughts from Edweirdo by singing Barbie Girl. We only have Bella, me and Ness left to go. Int his round. Oh boy they aren't gonna like this.


kk. orry i haven't uploaded in like foreverrrr. ive been busy. ive had homework and suchhh.Anyway this isn't the best ive written but be glad ur getting it!. i wouldve written more but im going to our homecoming football game in like 15 mins. Whoo go **************. so anyway. Bet yall are dying to know what the note said. WELL IM NOT TELLING. ahaha im so mean! You'll find out in the next chapter. which will be up as soon as i get free time. not sure when that will be. so enjoyyyyyy (maybe)

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