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Wade's POV

I sat in my chair at Hells Kitchen talking to Weasley when someone bangs the doors open. I look over to see who it is and guess what? It's spidey! He looked soooo pitiful! I mean he even had eye bags, his hair was disheveled, and It looked like he was trying to go for the homeless drug using teenager look! Well in any case he walked over to me and was trying to look intimidating when he actually looked more like a lost puppy walking into a lions den.

Weasel was the first to speak up to Pete he said sarcastically "I don't know if you noticed kid but we don't serve minors here . It's better if you get lost while you can before something happens to you and I am not going to have the cops in here because they think I served you a drink!"

He went from behind the counter and started to push Pete back to the door while saying "Out, out, out!" Pete tried to make an attempt to protest but couldn't even get the words out with how startled he seemed. I decided to stand up and I said,  "Leave the poor kid alone Weasely."

Weasel put his hands up and said "Fine but if anything happens to him it on you Wade."


Pete looked grateful and thanked me with a small smile. He sat beside me and said "I need your help."

I raised my nonexistent eyebrows and asked "Since when did you ever ask for my help princess? Do you want me to rescue you from a dragon or something?"

"Ha ha Wade very funny but now isn't the time for jokes. This is really important." He had his face in downcast expression and seemed very troubled about the situation.

I sighed and made a gesture for him to go on.

He seemed a bit hesitant and was silent for a while as if he was thinking about whether to tell me or not. After a while, He finally decided to tell me and said,  " I need you to help me find a friend of mine."


He huffed and stated, "m/n."

"And what do I get out of this?"

"How about a good feeling in your heart knowing that you helped someone?"

"Nope not good enough and I'm not even sure I have a heart anymore seeing as it's been shot a million times before..."

"Fine I'll give you a I owe you."

"Hmmm tempting but I want two of those with how much trouble we'll have to go through if you want to save him."

"Fine two I owe you's now will you help me?"

"Ok but we can't talk here we've got too many eavesdroppers."

Pete rolled his eyes and followed me out of the door into an alleyway.

Peter huffed and followed me to the alleyway and once We were concealed he said in a stiff tone "Spill it. "

I exaggeratedly put both my hands in front of his body and said "Ok ok I'll tell you but we're you wanna get him from is highly guarded."

"Whatever but like how guarded?"

"Tony Stark building  guarded. "

"Wow that's a high level of security.... and it's only for m/n?"

"Yup. "

Peter's eyes widened and he combed one of his hands through is hair in shock.

That's pretty hot he can—

Shut up

I mean he's not lying

Yea dude just accept it

I blocked out white and yellow and listened as I continued talking.

"I got an idea but you're not gonna like it."

"Go on.... "

"I have a little birde inside of Hydra telling me that they're gonna have a auction soon. "

He had a surprised expression as he said, "Like human trafficking for superhumans?"

"Yeah basically the only reason I know is because Francis was gonna sell me and the rest of the captives there. They hold this event yearly and surprise surprise they asked me to kidnap the kid near the event date. I could only assume they want to sell him. "

Peter's eyes were wide as he studdered out, "S-so that means that they're experimenting on him right now... I think I'm gonna throw up.... "

I nodded and said, "Well since they got more money than Leonardo De Caprio and equipment they could basically be doing all sorts of stuff to him... "

Peter nodded and said, "We've gotta make a plan now. "

I nodded and led him to my apartment where I had everything.

Peter's Pov

As Wade lead me to his apartment,  I kept on looking around at the gangs all over the place. Wade nodded towards some of them and I was honestly just intimidated.

When we reached his apartment Wade opened the door and showed me to the living room. The place was honestly a mess and as I looked around my eyes stopped on a connection board with people on it. I got up from the couch and slowly walked towards it. I saw people's names on it and x's on some people's faces. The one at the top of the board is none other than the leader of Hydra.

"Wade what is this....?"

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