Me being me, I had waited until dark to set off for Elijah’s, I guess I kind of liked the thrill of it all, not that it was that exciting but most people seemed to going explore during the dead of night, in movies anyway. I hadn’t any idea as to why, people could see things so much better during the day, but, luckily for me, my senses had decided to sharpen – for the time being – meaning I would see and hear everything. 

Tightening my jacket around me, I sped up for I wished to get there quickly. Turning my head and looking over my shoulder all too often, I wondered if that man would reappear, I guessed he was linked to this, I guessed he had something to do with Elijah’s disappearance. It had taken me a while and this made me shameful for it was all so obvious now that I thought of it. But what did he want with him? Who was he? And what did I have to do with this?

Approaching Elijah’s home, I saw no rooms lit up, no signs of life, but I didn’t know whether to think of Elijah as alive or not. Inhaling heavily, I flared my nostrils, but I didn’t notice that familiar scent that Elijah had always bared. Stepping up to the door, I extended my hand out to the handle, curling my fingers around it, I pulled it down and pushed the door from me, to my surprise it hadn’t been locked. Letting go of the handle, I hesitated as I rose my hand, my forefinger out, pushing the centre of the door lightly, it opened easier than I had expected. On entrance I felt a weird feeling overcome me, my knees weak. Without Elijah, the house seemed so sinister, so creepy, it was as if I had stepped into another time, the house seemed as if it should have been occupied by an over dramatic paranormal presenter who claimed know everything, his crew members flinching at every noise, but something reassured me that there was no ghostly presence here. 


No answer, the only sound that rose to my ears was the sounds of the floorboards cooling, the creaks and groans of the house settling surrounding me. 

Stepping up onto the first step, I stared up at the blackness; something that I wish I hadn’t done for it had made me uneasy. My stomach churned as I moved up onto the second step, my lips pursing, my eyes dark and my arms folding over my torso. 

“Elijah, it’s me, Emily. Are you here?”

I so hoped he’d show up at the top of the stairs, smiling down at me with reassurance but that never came, the loneliness devoured me still. Picking up my speed, I lowered my head, not wanting look up at the darkness anymore. Slowly raising my right foot, I then lowered it onto the landing, the left foot following soon after. Inhaling heavily, I rose my head, my cheeks inflating as I exhaled, only to deflate seconds later. Looking around me, I wrung out my thin fingers, my tongue lathering my lips with saliva. Finally I built up the courage to creep into his room. Scanning the room, I came to the conclusion he wasn’t here either. Crossing the room to his closet, I opened it up, with my mind going crazy I mistook a shirt hanging from the rack to be a body, calming myself, I laughed lightly at how silly I was. So his possessions were still here meaning, if he had gone somewhere on his own accord, he wouldn’t be gone long. 

The man had told me he was closer than I think, but where was that? It must have been in town, maybe it was somewhere familiar to me, not that I went many places except the park and school, but I hadn’t seen him at any of them places. Shrugging effortlessly, I approached the bed, dropping onto it, the mattress sunk beneath me. Staring a head of me, I frowned slightly, my eyes blackening with confusion. Where could he have been taken?

A thoughtful hum emitted in the base of my throat only for it to be interrupted by a figure that stood by the door. I saw the shadow in the corner of my eye, my gaze soon moving to the source. There he stood, the man I had seen twice before. His thin figure stood in the doorway, his brown eyes staring over at me, that same manic grin on his face as he stepped into the room, his footsteps all too obvious against the wooden floor.

“No, this isn’t good, you’re at the wrong place,” he spoke, his voice hoarse and dry. 

“Just tell me where he is,” I demanded as I forced myself to my feet, though wavered slightly for I wasn’t all that confident.

“It’s a popular place, very popular. Without it, your pockets wouldn’t be so empty, but you humans just can’t seem to resist, can you?” he chuckled shortly. The sound stopped suddenly, his figure vanishing within a split second.

Staring blankly at the space, I shook it off, it was the third time I’d seen it, no need for me to act so surprised. 

So, this time he’d given me clues, and surprisingly, they were quite easy. He must have meant the mall, by empty pockets he would have meant us spending our money and he had also said that we couldn’t resist, it was obvious that he meant us humans tended to buy things we liked as we were weak when it came to these things. 

Pounding down the stairs and onto the street, I found myself sprinting to the palm, which came as a surprise to me as I rarely ever ran; exercise wasn’t something I enjoyed. Approaching the large building, I looked up at it, the dead silence scaring me a little. I was so used to seeing people piling in, eager to spend. I wondered how I would get in as I moved closer to the empty building, the coldness barely affecting me. Staring at the door that had been locked securely, a metal cover over it, I frowned heavily. There had to be another entrance, there always was in places like this. 

Beginning to circle the building, I narrowed my eyes as I looked for any sign of a door. Minutes later I located a back door that seemed to be open by an inch or too, this must have been done deliberately, I hoped to God it wasn’t a trap, but knowing my luck it would be.

Slowly reducing the distance between me and the door, I listened for anything, but there was nothing. Cautiously I pushed the door open a little more, enough for me to easily slip in. It was almost completely dark as I moved out into the open, various stores surrounding me. Slowly and carefully I crept through the empty space, wondering whereabouts he would be. Looking for any sign of someone’s presence, I pursed my lips, my eyes narrowing questioningly. 

Having explored most of the mall, I frowned heavily for I didn’t know where Elijah could have been kept. It was when I came to the costume store that I was shocked for it was light by a bright light, the metal cover raised; it was enough for someone to slip under. Lowering myself onto the laminate flooring, I rolled under, the flooring cold against my exposed skin. Forcing myself to my feet, I stared on at the counter, then at the aisle, it seemed to be deserted. 

“Hello?!” I called out, wondering if anyone would answer.

As I stepped forward, movement came from behind, not that I had noticed for my senses had weakened again. As I approached the counter, I found myself falling forward, something pulling my hands behind my back. My heart pounded against my chest, my head unable to turn and look over to see who had attacked me. 

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