6 Some! (;

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Okay, so i've been getting a lot of requests for a six some, and i'm going to try and do one! :D But this is my first one, so if it's bad, I'm EXTREMLY sorry. (: But it would be awesome if you guys followed me on twitter! I always follow back (: @MirandaBrown1D! Thanks, make sure you comment on this and tell me what you think! (: 
You were hanging out with your friends Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, And Harry. Those boys had been your best friends since before you could remember, and you guys always did the craziest things together. "This movie is boringgg!" you spat out. "I knoooow." Liam groaned from next to you. "Well, what should we do?" Zayn asked, looking at all of us, and a smirk appeared on Louis' face. "Spin the bottle!" he screamed. 

"Okay, lets do it!" you smiled, you all sat in a circle, and Louis brought an empty grape soda bottle out, he handed it to you, "(Y/N) you spin it!" he winked, you spun the bottle, and it landed on you, you spun it around to see who you had to kiss. It landed on the boy with the bleach blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, Niall. You and Niall had dated a couple of times, but right now, all of you were single. He reached over and kissed you passionatly for about 2 minutes, at least until Zayn pulled you two apart. "Come on, i wanna turn." he laughed.

Zayn then took the bottle and spun it, it landed on Harry, and then on Louis, and it caused all to go into a fit of laughter. Louis went to kiss Harry and then licked his face, "Does that count?" we all cracking up, "SURE! My turn." Liam said grabbing the bottle. "Wait, wait, wait, lets make this more interesting," Harry started, "The first person gets to pick what they want the second person to do." he said glaring at you and then he winked. "OKAY! GOOD IDEA!" Zayn yelled with a smirk, and all they all glared at you with winicing smiles. You knew where this was going. "Alright, sounds fun," You let out with a smile.

Liam finally spun the bottled, and it landed on him, and then on you. Your stomach sank, you didn't know what this boy would want, he was the sweetest out of them all, so you hoped that it wouldn't be that bad. "Follow me," he growled, lust filling his eyes, you got up and Liam grabbed your hand and guided you into the spare bedroom, he shut the door behind you two and locked it. He turned the light off, and then closed the shades. He sat on the bed and pulled you onto his lap, "I'm in charge here, you do what i want. Got it?" he mumbled into your neck, you pushed your hair to the side so Liam could get your neck, he began biting and nibbiling on your neck, and finally he left 3 small purple hickeys on your neck. "COME ON WE WANT TURNS TOO!" Niall yelled on the otherside of the door. You went to get up, because you thought he was done, but he yanked you down by your waist. "I'm not done, let me go get them," he groaned, he walked over to the door and peaked around the corner, "Come in, we can share her." he grinned. "At the same time?" you asked a bit scared. 

"Yes," Zayn said walking in, and he ripped his shirt off, followed by his pants, and the other boys followed him. Louis walked over to you, and began taking your pink v-neck off. Followed by your white shorts. Leaving you in your yellow bra, and matching knickers, "Mmmm," You looked over to Niall, Harry and Zayn who's eyes were glued on you. Louis laid you down, and spread your legs, he ran his legs up and down your inner thighs, driving you mad. "Ohh, Lou, please." You moaned out, he let a small smirk cross his face. "I'm gonna make you scream."

Harry walked over to you, and was completly hard, "Suck me off babe," he smiled putting his erect shaft next to your mouth. You opend your mouth and took 1/2 of him in, you couldn't deep throat. So you started jacking the rest off that you couldn't reach, and Harry threw his head back in a fit of moans, "(Y/N) god damn, your soooooo good!" he managed out, threw all the moans. Louis pulled your panties down with his teeth, and you let small moans seep from your mouth. Causing Harry even more vibratiting pleasure. When out of nowhere, Lou entered you! Fast and hard, with no adjust time he began thrusting in out of you causing you to scream. "OH MY GOD!" You moaned onto Harry's cock, causing him to orgasm and shoot his hot cum into your mouth, and trickle down your throat.

Zayn and Niall came towards you, and took your bra off, and began toying and sucking on your breasts, while Louis let out his fit of moans still thrusting into you, "OH GOD (Y/N), YOUR SO FUCKING TIGHT," He moaned in and out of his short breaths. You felt your walls clench around his cock, and you cummed all over his cock, causing him to go over then edge and he cummed into your soaking wet pussy, "My turn  ," Liam smirked, and got down on his knees spread your legs, and began eating you out, causing you to go into another fit of moans, Liam finally got every last drop of cum out of you, and still kept going. "Oh god Liammmmm! I'm gonna cuuuum!" you moaned, and he pulled his face out of you.

"LI, REALLY!?" You asked mad. "I wanna have fun too!" He explained, and just like Lou, shoved his whole shaft into hard and quick, causing you to scream. Zayn and Niall were jerking off to the whole sight, so you grabbed their shafts in your hands and helped them, finally they cummed all over you, "OH GOD, LIAM, I'M ABOUUUU-" You couldn't finish your sentance before you cummed all over his thick cock. A few moments later, Liam let out a large orgasm, and cummed into you. He pulled out and laid next you and all the other boys out of breath,
"Can we do this again sometime?" Niall asked
"Umm, duh!" you agreed.
Please make sure you tell me what you think! :) xx I wanna know if i should do another one or not! xx thanks,(: