Chapter Eleven

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Just like he promised, Jason has been helping me out with my passes and I've actually gotten quite better, to the point where coach can tolerate me and I'm starting to get noticed by scouts, which is something I know Austin will be glad to hear. Jason and I aren't what you would call friends, but we had an understanding; in exchange for me helping him out fourth of July weekend he helps me complete passes. Of course he gave the occasional insult here and there in front of his friends, but when we were in our room we weren't at each other's throat anymore. To be honest, I actually missed the insults and the glares, it gave me something to do to pass the time. If I was actually myself and wasn't dating someone I wouldn't mind spending time with him, but since I'm a boy right now I was stuck.

"Hey man." Jason greeted me in the cafeteria where I was sitting by myself like always. During the first few weeks here at camp I guess I was spending way too much time with Stephen, which resulted in Stephen getting teased so now I had to limit myself to how much I interacted with him in public.

"Hey." I nodded at him and put down my phone so I could pay attention to him.

"There's gonna be a party tonight if you wanna stop by." He said and stole some of my fries off my plate. I was usually very protective of my food, but seeing as how I was finally being invited out somewhere I decided to keep my mouth shut. I was sick and tired of being stuck in my room every Friday night while the majority of guys went out and partied, Stephen included.

"Sure." I said, trying to hide the excitement in my voice.

"Cool, I'll leave the address in the room." He said and started to walk away until he stopped in his tracks and came back to the table. "Hey, I have a favor to ask." He said and leaned over the table.

"Okay?" I asked more than answered. I was so grateful for finally being invited out somewhere that I was willing to do anything right now.

"You think you can talk to your sister for me?" He asked.

I raised my eyebrow and tried to hide my smirk. Was Jason into me without knowing me? I'm actually flattered to be honest; since Stephen and I weren't really talking I've been feeling neglected and lonely.

"Sure I guess. Why?" I nearly begged. I really needed to know why Jason wanted to talk to me.

He scratched the back of his head and his cheeks had a light tinge of pink. I nearly gasped. Was he blushing?!

"Never mind, forget I asked. See ya at the party." He said and walked away from the table.

I definitely had to go find Stephen and tell him what happened. I quickly packed up my lunch and threw it out before rushing out of the cafeteria. The heat beat down on me as I walked across the property to Stephen's building. Before I could make it inside I saw Stephen walking out with a couple of guys.

"Stephen!" I called out.

He nodded to his friends and he walked over to where I was. "Hey, what's up?" He asked and crossed his arms.

"Guess who just invited me to a party!" I squeaked in excitement and had to stop myself from bouncing up and down on my feet.

He shrugged and gave me a bored look, somewhat deflating my good mood. "I don't know, who was it?"

"Jason!" I smiled at him.

He gave me a skeptical look. "Jason Perry? Don't you guys hate each other?"

I shrugged my shoulders now. "We have an understanding."

He raised an eyebrow and all emotions were wiped off his face. "You and Jason seem to be getting closer."

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