Chapter 3: Kim Woojin

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"Seriously! Just what is wrong with you?!" Woojin exclaimed, frowning at Hyunjin's ghoul. "Why are you such an asshole? Is this really you?!"

The ghoul just scoffed, smirking. "How bold of you to talk to me in that way. I could kill you within a snap of a finger."

"You know, I actually think that you deserve what Jinwoo did. You're a fucking asshole. You are acting more like father than my brother," Seungmin said and left the room, leaving the two alone.

Hyunjin's ghoul hasn't healed yet. He can still feel Jinwoo's shining child in his chest and it hurts like hell but he's not showing it. If he shows it, he's weak and he doesn't want that.

"Until when are you going to keep this act?" Woojin asked him in a low tone, not daring the avert his gaze even just a bit. Hyunjin's ghoul is very aggressive, he can't keep his guard down even for just a second.

"What do you mean?" The ghoul rose an eyebrow. "Who says I'm acting?"

"Is he suspecting me?" He mentally asked himself even though it's really obvious that he's far from acting like the real Hyunjin.

"Cut it. Hyunjin's stuck somewhere, isn't he?" Woojin sounded more firm, as if he holds the dominant hand between them.

Hyunjin's ghoul started laughing to show that he isn't anxious. "I thought that you were smart but how come you're being dumb right now?"

Woojin rolled his eyes, not believing the ghoul in front of him anymore. He knows he's smart and he trusts his instincts. He hasn't been a ghoul hunter all his life for nothing. He was born a ghoul hunter and he's proving it.

"You can't lie to me anymore. I've observed you for 3 months but now, I'm already done with your crap."

The ghoul doesn't know if he should admit it now or keep on doing the act. How can he escape? How can he prove himself? He doesn't really care at all but Jinwoo does.

"How can you prove that I'm acting?" The ghoul smirked, still trying to cover up his anxiousness. He doesn't know where this is going but he knows that he's about the blow his cover.

He has already failed Jinwoo.

"I don't have to prove anything. You know it yourself."

With that, Woojin left the room. He doesn't want to push the conversation any further since it has no point. The ghoul will just keep denying it or if he does admit the truth, what good is that going to bring?

How would Seungmin react?

He entered his room and locked the door instantly once his inside. He pressed the button to the secret passage and led himself downstairs.

The one-eyed ghouls are still there under investigation. He's studying them deliberately. He has a lot of reasons for himself and none of his coworkers know them.

Jinwoo's the first one who found out about the secret passage and he just told them it's where he studies about one-eyed ghouls but he does a lot more than that.

If only Jinwoo looked through the experiment book that she saw in Woojin's room, she'll have an idea but that's not the case. Everyone's clueless.

No one knows Kim Woojin's back story and he wants to keep it that way.

In the lab, he approached the experiment he's currently working on. He smirked to himself as he admires how well it's going. He'll finally succeed eventually. All his efforts and hardwork– everything that he sacrificed, they will finally pay off.

He became a ghoul hunter for a reason, he captures ghouls for a reason, and he accepted ghouls in his house for a reason.

This is where everything becomes a mystery even when they don't seem like it.

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