Chapter Two

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Nico shadow-traveled back to Camp Half-Blood, somehow feeling drained- from all the shadow-traveling- but also feeling super full of energy. He was so revved up from being so very angry that he felt like he was going to burst.

"Hey, Nico!" Will Solace, son of Apollo, greeted alongside Jason Grace, son of Jupiter and one of Percy and Nico's best friends. "Not now." Nico grumbled, pushing his way past the two to reach the Poseidon cabin. "Hey." Jason lightly grabbed Nico's arm, turning him towards the two much taller than Nico. "What's wrong?" Will asked. Nico had to try very hard to not stutter because of how hard his heart was pounding.

"I've been lying. I know exactly where Annabeth is." Nico said straightforwardly. Jason and Will's eyes widened almost comically. "Why haven't you told Percy?" Will asked accusingly. Nico looked around quickly before whispering. "Because she cheated on him and she's pregnant." Nico finally answered.

"Oh my gods." Jason said under his breath. Both blondes looked lost, like they didn't know how to respond and what to do. "Yeah. I was gonna tell 'em now." Nico paused before finishing, "Would you like to come with me?" To be completely honest, none of them wanted to go, but having more people as backup in case Percy lost it was probably the best idea. So, Jason, Will, and Nico walked off towards the Poseidon cabin.

"Come in!" Percy's voice called. Nico, Will, And Jason pushed their way into the cabin, closing the door behind them. "Hey, guys!" Percy greeted happily, making the trio feel even worse about the information they held. Grover Underwood, a satyr and one of Percy's best friends (he has a lot), was seated right next to Percy. "When did you get back, Grover?" Jason asked, fist-bumping the satyr. "A couple of minutes ago." Grover answered warily. As a satyr, he picked up on the anxiousness and tension radiating from the three. "What's up?" He asked Will, Jason, and Nico.

The two taller ones looked at Nico, expecting him to be the one to deliver the news. "Can I see Riptide?" Nico asked Percy out of the blue. Percy's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Uh......sure?" The son of Poseidon presented the sword in pen form to the son of Hades. Nico quickly handed the blade to Jason. "Hold that." Percy's eyes followed his beloved weapon.

"What is it, Nico?" Grover asked for Percy. Nico cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to figure out how to phrase the information he held. "Which first: bad news or good news?" Nico asked Percy. "Good news, obviously." The Poseidon-spawn answered without hesitation.

"We know where Annabeth is." Nico said. Percy's eyes lit up, his expression looking like that of an excited puppy. "Really? Where?" Percy questioned. "Camp Jupiter." Nico answered. Percy's smile lessened. "Is she alright? Why would she go there and not contact me?" Nico grabbed Percy's hands that were waving around worriedly, placing them back in Percy's lap. "That's the bad news." Nico began.

"She's alive, right?" Percy looked horrified as he asked. "Yes! I mean- yes, she's alive."

"Then why-"

"She cheated, Percy."

That shut Percy up quick. His shoulders sagged and he looked like a deflated balloon. "What?" He asked brokenly. "Annabeth cheated with a guy named Cole Louis-" Jason sucked in a breath, clearly recognizing the name. "-And now she's pregnant. She's been hiding at Camp Jupiter so that you wouldn't find out." Nico completed.

He took a good look at Percy. Percy's eyes were teary, practically glistening with heartbreak in the light. His bottom lip was secured underneath his front teeth, biting it, hard. Percy's body looked limp, unresponsive.


That one word sounded more like a gasped-out sob than an actual word. "I'm so sorry, Perce." Grover exclaimed, wrapping his arms around his best friend. Percy didn't cry. He didn't talk. He didn't do anything, really. He just stared.

"Percy?" Jason asked. Percy looked up at his friend and all his walls cane crashing down. He turned his head and set his forehead on the satyr's shoulder, openly crying. "Oh, Percy." Will said, sitting in the other side of the son of Poseidon to hug him. Jason quickly joined, everyone but Nico hugging the heartbroken boy.

"How long?" Percy cried out. "How long- How pregnant is she?" Percy's voice broke on the word "pregnant". "A little over five months." Percy let out a loud cry. He slowly drew a smartphone from his pocket. Working together, the Hephaestus, Athena, and Hermes cabins managed to invent a sort of scrambler that let demigods use technology without having to be scared of attracting monsters.

Percy pulled himself out of the group hug, more tears rolling down his cheeks as the lock screen showed a happy image of Percy pressing a soft kiss to Annabeth's cheek. He quickly typed in his password- Annabeth's birthday- before letting his breath audibly hitch. His home screen was a picture of their intertwined hands as the Camp Half-Blood lake shone in the background. Percy quickly swiped to the messages app, pulling up the messages with "Wise Girl 💕". Percy scrolled up only a couple messages.

"Five months?" He asked Nico. "Yeah. Five." Nico answered, silently telling himself to shut the fuck up because you're just making it worse. Percy's fingers stopped as he found messages from five months prior, the last time he had messaged his girlfriend. He let out a sad chuckle that broke everyone's hearts a little more. Everyone got a clear glance at the conversation.

3:37 pm

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Okay. I miss you, Annabeth <3.

Miss you too 😘

I love you Wise Girl ❤️

5:12 pm

Love you too, Seaweed Brain 💕

Stay safe
Seen: 5:13 pm

"I'm such an idiot." Percy exclaimed, burying his face in his hands. Jason slowly picked Percy's phone up out of his lap. "Do you want me to change your home and lock screens?" He asked. There was a moment of silence.



"No, Jason." Percy looked up at the ceiling, trying to keep his tears in. "I should hate her. I should be angry with her." He paused.

"But I can't. Because I still love her."

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