The Untold Story of a True Champion

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The Untold Story of a True Champion

     Ever since I was a child, I knew I was special. My extraordinary talent first surfaced near the age of three. By age eight, I was the talk of the town, people traveled from all around the world to witness my astonishing skill. Neither of my parents understood where such talent came from, but I had an idea and was determined to find out.

     My grandfather had never been one to talk much, but I could tell he knew more than he was letting on. I always noticed the way he would hold back when people wondered aloud, "How does she do that?" or "Where did she get that ability from?" Eventually, my curiosity was so overwhelming that I quietly confronted my grandfather about his insight. He was a stubborn, adamant old man, always deflecting my suspicions with rambling and seemingly endless stories from his childhood. I never understood why he would never answer my questions about my remarkable gift. If he really did know something, what was the harm in telling me? It's not like I was a naive and irresponsible child, at least, not in my eyes.

     Eighth grade was the year I got my answer. One late August day, Grandpa sat me down on the dirty, rickety porch swing outside his and Grandma's old farmhouse. He began to explain why I could never share with anyone what he was about to tell me. As I listened, I struggled to sit still. Finally, he confessed that my talent had been in our family for many generations. It had been forgotten when my father was born without it, but clearly never perished. "I too share your gift, but I never wanted to bring any attention to myself," he asserted. From then on, we never spoke of it again. His secret was safe with me.

     Like my grandfather, I never bragged about my gift. My parents, however, constantly tried to bring attention to it. Doctors from all over the world were dragged into our home, my parents insistent on knowing how I got my ability. After an endless number of MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, ultrasounds, and more, the doctors were stumped. No one, other than my grandfather and me, could ever understand the true origin of my rare skill.

     During my high school years, my ability became more of a party game. Every week came a new challenge. "Try this," my friends encouraged. "She'll never get it," complete strangers claimed. I always enjoyed spending time showcasing my talent, but eventually the attention became tiresome. Lunchtime became a nightmare. Students constantly wanted to witness my unparalleled skill. I began sneaking into the band room to eat my delicious ham and cheese sandwiches.

     As college neared, the fuss over my talent started to diminish. As I embarked on my college admissions journey, I realized the many benefits of my skill. I wrote essays about my experiences and how they helped me evolve as a student and a person. The fame drawn from my talent had protected me from the true experiences of a typical high school student. I never had any trouble making friends or dealing with the typically awkward teenage years.

     After being recruited to MIT, I was offered a full scholarship and ultimately named the Chief Cheese Whizz of the MIT Muenster Hunters. As part of this team I was required to participate in the Blind Cheese Tasting World Championship. Together we traveled the world blindly naming nearly 2,000 different types of cheeses by taste alone. To this day, I am the undefeated World Champion of blind cheese tasting.

* * *

Author's note: This is a fictional narrative that I wrote in 9th grade for English class. You're going to have to imagine it with double spacing and other features I don't know how to incorporate on Wattpad. I hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to let me know what you think! What grade do you think I should have gotten?

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