Chapter 20

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You and Jackson stop at a block of flats, not too distant from the school.

''This is where you live?'' you ask, glancing up.

It was a rather ordinary block, not too grand but not too grotesque either. But it was large, almost intimidatingly so. 

''yeah...'' he replies, smoky puffs forming as he spoke. He glances up, and you cant help but notice the apprehensive look on his face. ''stay here, I'll be right back'' he pats your shoulder and dashes inside, leaving you slightly confused.

[Jackson's POV]

Yes...finally....!  he thought to himself rushing up the stairs. He barges through the door, confronted with a startled Jisoo.

''hey- what the heck? Where were you?'' she exclaims, her lips forming a O.

''Y/N, s-she's here'' he pants, as her face contorts into a bored expression.

''So?'' she says, glancing at her nails. ''Tell her to get lost''

He furrows his eyebrows. ''so you want her to go back to the boys, huh?'' he shrugs, turning around swiftly towards the door. Jisoo looks up abruptly, interest piqued.

''wait'' she grabs his arm. ''she left them?''

''Not completely, but yeah. She's with me for the time being'' he smirks. She grins, and leans forward to plant a wet kiss on his cheek.

He backs away. ''so you do realize that I cant let her see you right? So you gotta leave, like right now''

''ehh? kicking me out of my own home?'' she pouts. ''but sure...I'll stay at a friends''

Hips swaying, she walks out the door blissfully.

[Your POV]

Jackson appears again, and beckons you to come inside.

''where did you go?'' you ask, as he shrugs.

''just needed to check something'' he answers evasively. You nod and remain silent, following him from behind. Entering the lift, it ascents you to a top floor where he turns the keys and the door unlocks.

He closes the door behind him, and that's when you feel the tension in the room escalate a level higher. It wasn't awkward, well for you at least, but rather silent and stuffy.

You cleared your throat, shattering the silence that suffocated the air. ''well what now?''

He turns to look at you, his eyes covered in bangs which he lazily flicks away. ''I don't know...'' he yawns. ''wanna mate?''

Your eyes widen for a moment, but the bored expression seeps back into your features. ''shameless...'' you shake your head in disapproval. You plop onto the sofa and scan the room.

The walls were a light grey, accentuated with a few frames which hung sedately. There was a couch, coffee table, TV and a few other bits and bobs. A bedroom, a guest room and a bathroom were the only other rooms.

You walk into the bedroom, your eyes landing on a dressing table, where some makeup items and perfume were perched neatly. You walk towards it and find other necessities a woman would use.

''hey...I thought you lived alone?'' you ask him, as he freezes, turning to look at the dressing table and back at you.

''I got that stuff for you...''

Your eyes soften, and you trace your fingers across the various items. ''really?'' you ask, touched.

''y-yeah'' he smiles, glancing back at his phone.

Seconds later, someone knocks.

''J J~'' a voice squeals outside the door. You flinch, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. The door flings open, and Jisoo comes bouncing in.

''What the fuck?!'' you exclaim, rubbing your eyes. ''and JJ  who?''

''I forgot to take something...'' she says, zooming past you and shuffling through the drawers of the dressing table Jackson had just claimed he had bought for you.

Jackson's lips twitch, and he looked as if he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. You sit back on the couch, watching them in amusement. A crazed laugh bubbles up your chest. ''bitch...''

Jackson watches you nervously. ''Y/N, I can explain-''

''bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' you squeal, your clapped laugh becoming louder. They both pause and look at you as if you'd gone crazy.

When you stop laughing, you breathe a few times to catch your breath and wipe a tear. You lean back, crossing your legs and nodding as if everything made sense.

''so that's how it is...'' you run a hand through your hair Jimin style, your lips forming a deadly grin. ''you're fuck buddies, huh''

Jackson looks at you incredulously, his face scrunched in disbelief. But Jisoo smirks and edges closer.

''well~'' she plops an arm round him. ''I guess you could say that''

He pushes her away. ''what? she's lying!'' he exclaims, as she pouts playfully.

''But we've done it so many times!''

His eyes twitch in frustration. ''I swear-''

"Justtt kidding!" she grins, as he leans to whisper something into her ear.

''you planned all this and did it on purpose, didn't you?'' he hisses at her, as she shakes her head innocently.

"No way! Accidents happen..."

As they bicker among themselves, you leave the room for some fresh air. You sigh, rubbing your temples trying to process everything.

So...were Jackson and Jisoo together? How did they even know each other in the first place? And why were they living together?

Curiosity rampages through your mind, and it's a tap on your shoulder that breaks you from your reverie.

You were sitting on the couch again, across Jackson and Jisoo who were explaining how they met. And when Jisoo mentions she was a vampire, it surprises you the most.

''so you've been keeping Jackson hostage to satisfy your needs?'' you ask angrily. '''re even worse than I thought''

''it's fine, y/n. I agreed to it after all'' he reassures, but your resent towards her sly ways only increases. She flashes you a cheeky grin.

Jisoo clears her throat. ''so Y/ I just explained, when I was around Taehyung and the rest, it got me into trouble. Trust me, they're just acting nice so they can drink your blood, and when you're not of any use anymore, they'll kick you out like they did to me. So you should leave them for good, before it gets you hurt...''

You could see through her whole facade. But you didn't have the energy to start an argument, so you just nodded and acted like you cared. It was actually fucking funny how she thought you'd believe all the bullshit she spoke.

And so, Jisoo ended up staying with you two, leaving you to sleep on the couch. Jackson insisted to stay with you, and slept on the couch opposite you.

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