Discontinuing the story

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Hey peeps!

Thank you so much for getting this to 4K reads!!!!

Unfortunately, I have no inspiration to finish this story, it started as a joke, but since people enjoyed it I worked harder on it ^^

I kinda fucked up the story with sex and lost the meaning to the story-


Soooo yeah

The story is over

The ending

Baldi gets better eventually and gets married to Kenneth. Kenneth encourages Baldi to be nicer to the children and he eventually does!

That's it owo

I'm planing on finishing the eddsworld fanfic I wrote!

I don't know when but I will soon!!

I'm currently working on queen oneshots

I'm apparently a smut whore so I'll calm down with the smut and write basic love stories too!

Thanks for you're support and thanks for reading ❤️

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