Chapter 9

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I kept waking up in the night thinking he would smash down the door and devour us all, leaving Jamie to defend for himself til he got his powers of course. When morning came I had an idea, I got Alfie and Lewis to stay in the room with us with a suit case full of their stuff.

"So why are 5 of us in this room with suitcases?"

I turned to the door, ice climbed up the door and around the hinge then plants grow on top of the ice and finally a wall of rock.

"There that should take him a while to get through."

I put a pin in my finger and let a single drop of blood hit the floor knowing he would run straight up to the room.

"Climb out of the window and head for the woods, Lewis carry Jamie, he can't run as fast as us."

He picked up Jamie and climbed out of the window, then my mum climbed out then Alfie, when I started to climb out I heard my so called dad trying to bash down the door, I jumped out of the window and ran towards the woods. I headed towards the edge of the woods, which leaded to an old house that is now empty since it was in the middle of no where, the others stopped in front of the door and looked at me, Jamie jumped off Lewis's back and stood next to me. I was looking up at the old, black house, tiles were missing on the roof, the door didn't shut proply but it would have to do.

"Is this where we're going to live big sis?"

"Yeah but just for now, we can fix it up and make it look nice."

I opened the door that fell off the hinges, I turned round and saw dissapointed faces, I giggled nervously at them.

"So it has a few broken windows, doors that come off easily and holes in the roof. But home is where the heart is, right?"

They picked up their suitcases and walked inside, Alfie hugged me with one arm.

"I'm sure it'll be fine."

I knew it wasn't going to be fine, my dad, the one I've always trusted, was out to get me, I couldn't believe it, my own dad was going to devour me just so he could get stronger, whats the point in getting stronger anyway? To defeat those who stand in your way? Or to protect the ones you love? We all sat in the front room of the house in sleeping bags around a fire, we decided it wasn't safe to go up stairs as the house might collaspe if we went up there, it was like we were camping out, it was rather cold and a breeze came through the cracks of the windows, Jamie was asleep on my mums lap, me and Alfie were snuggled in one sleeping bag. I looked at Lewis, I realised then I had no idea about his family, if he has any sisters or brothers, if his mum and dad were happily living some where. I whispered to Alfie,

"Alfie, wheres Lewis's family?"

He looked at me with wide eyes.

"Lewis's family, well erm..."

I looked over at Lewis again, he was looking at the floor.

"He wasn't born as a vampire like us, he was made into a vampire and the vampires blood drove him crazy, he killed the vampire and drank his blood, yet that wasn't enough for him and went on a rampage and sadly his parents, his younger brother and sister were in the way. A couple of the vampires at the house found him in his home, they took him back and calmed him down, he wasn't completly calmed down when he met you, I saw him around the house alittle he kept himself to himself. One day you walked up to him one day with a biscuit and he knocked it out of your hand and made you bleed he was kept in his room after that, what is with you and giving people biscuits anyway?"

I shrugged my shoulders, he carried on with the story.

"Even then he wasn't stable, our mum's said we had to stay away from his room, the door was covered with chains and each time we walked past he tryed to knock the door down, he used to scream and shout night and da--"

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