Ch 2

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The girls leave from the mall and go out to eat.

Once they make it to the resturant the girls find a table. Rose and Lisa sit next to eachother, leaving Jisoo to sit next to Jennie. 

All the girls get there food and start eating. Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose start talking about school. "Have you gotten your scheldual yet" Rose asks Jisoo. 

"Yea, I actually took a picture of it" Jisoo says pulling her phone out to show Rose. 

She shows the picture to Rose and Rose says "You have two classes with me and four with Jennie, you also have one with Lisa" Rose says.

"Thats all of your classes though, so you'll have one of us in each class" Rose says. Jisoo nods and says "Im also taking a Major Music class I guess, sense I got a scholarship into your school through music".

"Oh, that means you'll have that with me probally, becuase there's only two and one is for the older kids and the other is for the freshmans, so youll be with me" Rose says. 

Jennie listens to there conversation and she stops after hearing shes having four classes with Jisoo. 

She knows that shell have to sit by her, and help her so she isnt really eager to do that.  Jennie doesnt like helping others or doing stuff for them. 

When everyone is done eating they all leave and go to Jisoo's house first to drop her off. 

Once they get to Jisoo's house Rose walked Jisoo to her door and hugged her. Jennie sat in the back of the car watching as Jisoo went inside her house.

She was suprised Jisoo didnt annoy her. She observed Jisoo the whole time they were at the mall, she watched the little things she would do.

She seen that Jisoo was actually really quite, and she was a fast walker.

 She noticed that Jisoo got scared easily, sense she got scared when she was on the escalator, and when a random girl screamed Jisoo jumped and looked around quickly, while no one else was fazed by it. 

She was only looking at Jisoo because she wanted to know what she was dealing with. Sense she had Jisoo in a lot of classes and she was Rose's friend, so she would be around a lot. 

Although Jennie was paying attention to Jisoo a little too much.

When the girls thought she was paying no attention, she was, but only to Jisoo.

Jennie still wasnt going to just get close with her just yet. Although she didnt feel apposed to it.


Meanwhile, Jisoo was walking up to her room after her long day at the mall.

She stripped her clothes and went into her shower. 

As she was in the shower her mind started to wonder. She thought about school and the girls. 

She was confused as to why Jennie wouldnt talk and had a rude vibe to her.

Jennie seemed mean to Jisoo, and Jennie didnt say a word to her.

She just hoped that Jennie would eventually come around. 

When she got out of the shower she got dressed into her night clothes and plopped down on her bed. 

Her phone started to ring so she answered it. 

Rose- "Hey Jisoo, I was wondering if you wanted to sleep over at my house tommorow"

Jisoo had to think about it 

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