5: •Tears can't bring her back•

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• •Prologue• •

Such remarkable wizards, indeed.

Erza has grown in the past 3 years into a S-class wizard, Mirajane was no different. Natsu and Gray had grown stronger as well but not enough to be promoted.

Happy have grown liking the guild.

E/n have been hanging out with Happy to make sure no harm was brought to the cat, which she succeeded in.

This will be good news if it wasn't for Ivan Dreyar - Laxus's dad to be exiled from the guild.

The reason was untold as to why such drastic measures was taken.

Laxus, wasn't okay with this occurance - he was angry.

He grew.... distant from the guild that cares oh soo much about him, especially from his own blood.

His respect for the guild gone. Replace with fury and hatred for the members he refers to 'weak'.

He calls everyone this - all but one person. He have too much respect for that person.

That person was the dim light in his now hollow and dark heart. She is the only one he'll be nice to - go on missions with other than his team.

Despite her being 16 and him being quite older than her, he have been overly fond about her -- the girl who possess many abilities and is rumored to be the second strongest.

Even though it has been rumored about her rank, she could care less, she could care less about her title.

She didn't went around telling people about her rank.

No - she earned the name as 'Dragon Queen'.

And every Queen needs her King, right?

Not her - she doesn't even think about it. She doesn't even know about the males that took a large interest in her.

She hangs around Gray, Erza, Lisanna, Natsu and the cats. But mostly Erza and Lisanna.

She's closer with them.

Now enough about this! Let's jump into the story!

♢♢3rd pov♢♢

Y/n had walked into the guild, Gray and E/n by her side. Y/n is wearing a black sleeveless knee-length dress. Black knee socks and black boots.

As much as Y/n dislikes dresses, she couldn't say no, Gray got her this anyways. He said and quote "It's black, so I thought that I might as well buy you this.'

Y/n had thanked him for it. Which in return, he blush.

He doesn't know why...but he just couldn't stay away from her.

When she goes on a job, he'll worry for her well being - ignoring her power and rank.

He'll tend to make a move - a small move. Like putting his arm around her and such.

The pair sat down in the back of the guild with E/n who's reading manga that she borrowed from Levy.

"And so the damn bird flew off with my pants--"

Y/n burst out laughing, tears at the corner of her eyes and her cheeks red.

Gray couldn't help himself but to laugh as well. He likes making her laugh, her voice is just so- so angelic.

Everything about her is perfect to him. Her dazzling e/c eyes. Her choice of clothing --even though most of them will similar to Erza's clothing.--. Her voice..everything.

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