Chp 9:

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That next week, I got to the large fancy looking banquet hall downtown in Time Square that the Piercy's had asked me to go to.

As I walked into the room where the banquet would be held, I only saw Mrs. Piercy.

"Oh Tessa, Hi!" She said walking over to me.

I shook her hand and noticed something different.

No wedding ring. I looked up at her, she looked fine and happier than ever.

"Come, I'll show you around and introduce you to the rest of the team." She grasped my wrist and tugged me farther into the room.

That's when I noticed Nick sitting at a table, a stack of papers in front of him.

He had a very light colored blue collar long sleeve shirt that was unbuttoned just slightly, white pants, tan colored Sperry's, and a pair of black hipster glasses on.

They framed his face well, it made him look extremely attractive.

We walked passed him, his head raised slightly to look at us.

He gave me a slight smile, as did I.

What was that Tessa? My subconscious asked me.

"So I would like for you to make calls to these companies and order these decorations for the banquet." she said handing me a list of phone numbers and what I needed to speak to them about.

I nodded, "If you'd like you can go sit with Nick. I have to discuss some things with the chef." she said motioning to the table he was at.

She made me feel like I was a little kid again, the way she said where I could go sit.

"Alright, thank you."

I slowly approached the table, his eyes back on the stacks of papers, as he wrote something down.

"Mind if I sit here?"

His head shot up to look at me "No, go ahead." he moved some of the papers to make room for me. I gave him a quick smile.

"Did my mother tell you to sit here?"

I looked at him confused "Uh.."

"She thinks I need people around me, to keep me from becoming a basket case." he said shaking his head and looking back down at the papers.

"I'm sorry-what?"

"Oh, nothing. Sorry ignore me."

I scrunched my eyebrows than pulled out my phone from my purse and began to make the calls.

I was only half way through the list when I hit the tenth phone call.

"Nothing, huh?" he finally said adjusting his glasses on his face.

"Here give me the list."

"No-it's okay I can ma-"

"I'm not asking for your permission." he said smirking at me. I slid the paper over to him as he called off his phone.

"Hello? Yes hi. My name is Nicolai, I'm the son of Natalia Pierc-Beckmann. Yes, the fashion designer.

Yes she would like if you would be willing to help with decorations for a banquet she is hosting this coming Friday."

I looked at him, wide eyed and shocked.

"Of course, yes! Great. Thank you, I'm sure she will be very appreciative.

She will have her event planner, Tessa Erickson calling in the next day or two to follow up." he said before hanging up and sliding the paper back to me.

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