Calm The Fire: 136

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“It's a moonstone,” Thorin answered while reaching up and holding onto the hand which was held up in the air. The banquet had ended, it had lasted longer than what everyone had ever first imagined. Needless to say as soon as hearing their news it gave everyone a new reason to celebrate.

Retiring to his room they took to laying on his bed in peace. Náriel had asked what the stone was in her ring while extending her arm in the air to look at the ring on her finger.

She looked at him when he answered. Lowering her hand she linked her fingers with his. “Is it special in anyway?”

“All jewels are special.” Thorin replied and shut his eyes. He was right. Each jewel is special and each jewel had its own meaning. Feeling her shift, he opened his eyes and looked at her. She had rested her arms against his chest and leant her chin against her hands.

“Your kin have an interest in the stars. As such knowing that this ring had a link to the heavens was one special reason to give it to you.” Thorin started, Náriel tilted her head to the side and smiled. The moon and stars were truly beautiful, and he was right. She and her kin saw beauty and meaning in the stars.

Giving a sigh he looked to her, reaching up he ran his fingers through her hair. She had taken out her braids as such her hair hung in tight soft curls. “It is believed that when the moon is full and you give your lover a moonstone you will always have passion with each other.”

This if anything caused Náriel to smirk. Mainly because this was the first time she had witnessed him showing knowledge of the jewels which his kin often mined. And the other reason was the words in general.

“You chose your timing well then. It is a full moon tonight. What would you have done if it weren't?” Náriel smiled curiously.

“I'd still have given it to you.” Thorin replied and looked to her. “Khuzd tada bijebî âysîthi mud oshmâkhî dhi zurkur ughvashâhu.” He said after a moment of silence while lightly kissing her on the forehead. Náriel pulled away and looked at him confused. She didn't understand what he said. She perhaps realized what the first word was, and then after that she was lost.

Thorin leaned back against the pillows and placed his other hand behind his head. He looked up when Náriel appeared in his line of vision. She had pushed herself to sit and lean against him. “What does it mean?”

He smiled. It was perhaps a little cruel, but he rather enjoyed teasing her with things she didn't understand. “It simply means: A Dwarf that chooses to take a wife must guard her as his greatest treasure.” Her eyes widened over the words. “You are one of the most important things in my life. And I shall guard you as I would guard any treasure.” He gave a sure nod.

Náriel looked at him. “This didn't come from the hoard...did it?” She asked. The mere mention of treasure and guarding suddenly caused the extreme wealth to reappear in her mind.

Thorin almost looked taken back by her question. He shook his head slowly, “No. I would never give you something which came from that. You wouldn't accept it if you found out that it had.” Náriel merely nodded and absent-mindedly trailed her fingers lightly over his cheek and along his jaw line. She looked at him curiously, he sighed and rolled his eyes. “It was my mother's.” It wasn't what she expected that was for sure. Her eyes widened as she looked at him. Naturally it wasn't the wedding ring which Thrain had given to Dia, but it did belong to her. As such Thorin saw fit that it should be passed onto Náriel. Dis seemed to agree, even she knew of this engagement before everyone else. Thorin had asked for her opinion on the matter. Dis had laughed. It wasn't the reaction he expected, but what else did he expect from his little sister? After calming herself down, Dis had nodded and thrown her arms around his shoulders and expressed her happiness on the matter. She didn't wish him luck because she didn't foresee Náriel declining.

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