"What!" She exclaimed her dark curls bouncing against the chocolate skin of her chest.

"It's just a quick break really" I defended. The situation made me feel as if I were an idiot. I convinced myself I wanted it more than I really did.

Kelly shook her head, almost as if to refuse what she had just heard. "Ana! He was perfect, textbook almost. And you gave it all away?"

My chest tightened and I would've sworn my heart left it's place inside me.

"Not willingly and I still want him back. I just-" I stopped myself, Harry was a mistake. But why did it feel so good?

Kelly looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to say what I needed to.

"Remember after the bachelorette party when I told you I slept with someone? Well, I slept with him again... Multiple times. Last night even" I covered my face with my hands as my elbows hit the table.

"You're having an affair?" She spat, the sound of her cup hitting the table deafening.

I looked even worse now, if I hadn't before.

"I know it's bad!" I cried "But it's not like a full on affair. We aren't planning to make it official or to make it a habit. It just happened a few times!".

The defence I came up with was weak. There was no reason to cheat on your husband. It probably made things worse that it was Harry.

"Who is it? The lawyer from your firm? The cute guy with the nice eyes that works at the yogurt cart in front of your old building?" Her guesses came at me similar to rapid fire.

"No, it's worse than that. It's Harry".

"Woah, wait, what? Harry as in Harry Styles your husband's brother. Harry as in Harry the most inconsistent person we know!" She sprung out of her chair to cower over me.

I shrunk back into my own, hearing the reality of my affair from someone else mouth. It really was bad, really bad and I was finding less and less reasons as to why I found it was a good idea to defend.

"I thought you had cold feet and so when I told you not to worry about it I didn't think you'd do it again! I didn't think it was your husband's brother! Ana you have to tell Tom!" Kelly squealed, her hands running threw her hair. She was spirling, it wasn't a good idea to tell her.

She was going to tell Tom.

"No!" I shouted trying to put out the fire as fast as I could "You can't tell him Kelly! Promise you won't say anything, please!"

Her face calmed, her overall appearance changing. She took a seat back down to speak to me as though I was a human being.

"I won't say a word, if you promise me this thing with Harry will be done from this point on" she spoke sternly, the storm of her disappointment rolling away.

"Of course. I promise".



he elevator tinged when it got to it's chosen floor. The sound was familiar and it felt like home. I hadn't heard the sound for a solid month and just hearing it brought me back to a time that felt as if it were a thousand years ago.

The doors opened to the marbled enterance of my home. Or what used to be anyways.

It seemed empty as though no one was home and hadnt been for days. Making my way in I stopped in the living room. Boxes full of Christmas decorations sat on the floor yet to be set up.

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