Chapter 5

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The cold gnawed at my skin and slipped under my thin clothes,spreading across me like a giant tsunami at a desolate beach.My fingernails had turned into a sickly blue colour and my teeth were chattering wildly against my quivering lips.There was a swollen gash on each of my knees as Greg and his stupid friends had pushed me down the empty well.I sobbed loudly.There was nothing but silence around me except a dead pigeon at the other corner.

What if I'm stuck here forever?I'm so scared.

I had been screaming for help for so long but no one was around.The sky was darker now.

"I want Daddy." I whimpered softly.
But he wasn't in town...He never was.He left me with his a stupid nanny who abandoned me to call her stupid boyfriend again.I don't think she noticed I was missing from the playground.
Ow.My knees hurt so much...


I peered up in fear to see a smiling girl with brown pigtails and a missing tooth,leaning into the well.

"I thought you were God coming to kill me cos I stole $10 from my Mama's wallet...Are you okay?"
Do I look like God? Was she okay in the head?

She was still smiling as if she found a pot of gold in the well.
Was she gonna throw rocks at me?

I shuddered at the thought.
"Please help me..." I whimpered.
She looked like a girl who would bully me.
Some girl had pushed me down a swing before.
Well,two girls...

"What are you doing in a well all by yourself? Is it fun in there?Oh my lard! Are you injured? Are you crying?"
I looked away and sobbed.
Is she gonna leave me down here?
Just then a metal bucket dropped down to the concrete.It was secured by a thick rope attached to the top of the well.

"Hop on! I'll pull you.I'm really strong." She shouted and showed me her non-existent muscles on her bicep.
I smiled a little.She was quite cute...

"Stop staring at me and hop on!"
I blushed and stood up,wiping my tears.I hissed from the pain in my knees.
Wait what if this was a trick?What if she drops me on purpose?

"Please don't play a trick on me."I murmured in a low voice.I was used to that...

"I love to play but I don't like tricks.I would pinky promise you but I can't." She giggled.Her pigtails kept slapping her cheeks.
Stop staring at her and get in the stupid bucket!

I squeezed myself into the thing as I was too fat and closed my eyes.
I'm too heavy for her to pull...Am I floating?

"Told you I was strong.Why are your eyes closed?"
I quickly opened them to find out that I was already at the top.My eyes widened at the realisation.

She started giggling again,her pigtails flapping in all directions now.Now that I had a better look,she was missing 2 teeth.Her eyes were midnight black and her hair was muddy brown.She had pink rosy cheeks which dimpled when she smiled.

"You're staring again!" I flushed,gazing elsewhere.
"You're cute when you blush.Your entire face turns red." Her voice was sweet like vanilla cake.
Stop thinking about food! You're fat enough.

"Stop blushing and say something." She seemed bored now.Her huge eyes were fixated on me.
"Some stupid people pushed me into the well." I answered her thoughts.
I think she's nice...

"Who? Wait do you wanna get back at them? It would be fun." She smirked at me.

Was she insane? What was she planning to do? Why is she still talking to me? All my questions were left unanswered as she pulled her hair ribbons and tied them around my swollen knees.I smiled at her secretly.
Why was she being so nice?

Her curly hair fell to her chest as she tended to my wounds.
"What's your name?" I asked her.



"What's yours?" She peered up at me,her doe-eyes were filled with curiosity and her smile gave away her personality.

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