Chapter 1: School?

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"Just woman up and ask them!" I scold myself. Ok, I can do this. I am Tris Prior of course I can ask them. Here goes nothing, and everything...

"Hey mom." I say, rocking on the balls of my feet.

"Yes dear?" My mom says not looking up from her work. She has a new fashion line coming out next week so I can't really blame her.

"So I was thinking this would be my senior year and I've never been to high school cause of who I am and all and I was wondering could I maybe, erm, kind of go to erm, high school?" I ask stuttering a little.

"Sweetie why would you want to go to high school?" My mom asks, clearly genuinely confused.

"Because I want the experience of getting ready to go to prom, homecoming, doing cheerleading, complaining about homework and just being a teenager!" I tell her. She thinks for a moment.

"This wouldn't be easy for you Tris, you're famous world-wide." She tells me. As if I don't know that!

"I thought about that, what if I wore a wig and put in coloured contacts?" I ask her. These wouldn't be hard to get a hold of for us. She seems to be debating this in her head. And then turns to me. Please be yes please be yes!

"Ok. I can see that this is something you have your heart set on so I'll let you go." She tells me. I mentally high five myself. "You can go to divergent high, my old high school." She says.

"Thank you so much!" I tell her and engulf her in a hug. My mom and I are really close, she would come on tours with me and sit on set to support me when I was acting and run through lines and still kept up her fashion business! She's like Wonder Woman! We can talk about anything, guys, clothes, books, music, the list goes on and on! She accepts that I have my own opinion and doesn't ever question me, that's what I love about her. She knows that it's my life and I need to make my own mistakes and be my own person.

"No problem honey. School starts back in a week. You'll need a new name, hair and contacts. Sound ok?" She asks

"Sounds brilliant!" I say. I can't believe she sad yes! It's probably because this is my final school year and she knows how bad I want to go. My brother Caleb is the only non famous one in the family but he's very smart. He skipped various school years as he's so intelligent and is working in a research lab somewhere in New York. We live in Chicago though. It's really fun actually, I just got back from my latest album tour. It was entitled: Can't You See?

Bonus of my mom being a fashion designer, she designed all the costumes and clothes and my dad directs my music videos. It all works out pretty well. My dad directed my last movie 'The Fault In Our Stars'. It was so much fun to work on. My co-stars were all brilliant.

Our house is pretty big, I just admit. It's got five floors. The first floor is the kitchen, movie theatre room, dining room and living room. The second floor is my parents floor. The third floor is my brother's but he's never really here so my parents turned it into a guest floor. The fourth floor is my floor. It is one big room. I have a HUGE room, there is a king sized blue and yellow bed, a mini living room with pink and green couches and a white table, a flat screen TV, a walk in closet with a dressing room, a large white desk with my purple mac book pro and e-reader on it and a wall dedicated to books and music albums. On the other walls and photos frames, modern abstract artwork and posters of movies and my favourite books. The walls are white and the carpet is pink. There is also my bathroom and it is all white with pink towels and mats

The fifth floor is also my floor. It has a recording studio with my album covers hanging on the wall. There is also a room where all of my costume from movies are, I also keep my guitar, piano and flute up their. I spend most of my time hanging out up there.

School starts in a week and I'm so excited! I get to make a new identity and hang out with kids my age who aren't friends with me just because of my fame but because of who I am. That's all I want right now, a group of friends who I can call my family.

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