Part 17 - Drown

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I felt the soft thing touch my lips for a second and I still pretend to sleep.

I knew Calum was carrying me to the tent and he properly put me there.

He wrapped the blanket around me and I did felt warm. Gentleman.

After few minutes,I guess he's leaving,I opened my eyes to make sure I knew it's real. And yes,it's real.

He's laying next to me now with his eyes closed. Why he acted like this to me?

I saw he's freezing when he was only with his short and hoodie because he's already wrapped the blanket around me.

I didn't want him to get sick. So,I shared the blanket with him. It's big enough for us. I slowly put it on him.

Calum moved slowly and holds the blanket. I smiled. Good night,Calum.

"Nat....Nat..." I heard someone called me but more to whisper. I opened my eyes just to see Calum inches away from me.

I shocked. I remembered last night,we're still have a gaps from each other.

I also felt something on my waist. I looked down and it's his arm on me.


I looked at the boy that called me and I saw Ashton had the smirked on his face.

"Did I disturb you and him?" Ashton chuckled slowly.

"We don't have anything dude" I rolled my eyes.

Not only Ashton but the others went to my tent and gave the thumbs up when they saw Calum and I in the same tent.

"We just slept. Is that wrong?" I moved away from him and sat while tightening my hair.

"Nothing's wrong. Just we want to throw him away to the lake" Matt smirked. They nodded.

Luke got into the tent first with Michael. They carried Calum out from here.

Roy helped them and with the count to three quietly,they threw Calum to the lake.

They laughed.

I looked at them and shook my head. Calum gonna mad at them for real.

"Where he is?" Mitchy crossed him arms.
"Wait...he's drowning?" Michael looked at everyone.

"He's sleeping guys,go get him" Sierra looked at the boys.

I saw Calum didn't show up to the surface,without to wait any longer I jumped into the lake.

Thank God the sunlight just helped me to find him in the lake. He didn't awake.

I took him with my hand and swam to the surface. How the hell he still didn't awake?

"Is he okay?" Kaykay came to us. Same with the others.

I heard his heartbeat. Fast.

I pumped his chest. "Calum....come on" I mumbled.

Then,I did the CPR to him. Nothing happened. I did it again.

After that,I'm shocked to feel the same soft thing moved slowly on my lips when I did mouth to mouth.

I shocked. Hopefully no ones noticed it.

Calum awake while laughing.


Yes,he pranked us.

"Fuck you,mate!!" Michael yelled.
"I thought you are dying" Luke hit his chest.

"That's happened when you want to prank me" Calum chuckled.

I saw he's fine,so I stood up and quickly walked away to my tent. My face felt hot.

I felt hot. I took a deep breath.

"Nat?" I heard his voice behind me. I didn't turn to face him.

"I'm sorry....I didn't mean to lie..." Calum talked slowly but enough for me to hear it.

"Why you said sorry to me? I'm fine"

"I'm sorry" Calum mumbled.
"Stop saying you're sorry because I have to get a change. We're going home, right? I have to pack my things" I shushed him away.

"Hmmm alright"Calum sighed and walked to his tent. I heard his footsteps.

I breath of reliefs. Finally. Just I didn't know he dared to do such things on me. TWICE.

Natum is alive.

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