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I looked at my phone and saw her name. Automatic naman akong napa smile.

"Hello my future Mrs. Valdez" I said right after I picked the call up.

I heard her chuckle and my heart flutter.

"Don't you want to marry me?" She asks.

"What do you mean I don't want to marry you? I won't spend tens and thousands of pesos for this day if I don't wanna marry you, right?" I laugh.

"So you're only marrying me today kasi you spent a lot of money?"

"Of course not, babe. Parang I wanna marry you kasi I love you?"

"So get your ass over here now, Valdez! If you're not here in 5 minutes, walang honeymoon na magaganap sinasabi ko sayo!" Pag babanta nya sakin. Natawa naman ako.

"I love you Dennise and I can't wait to marry you but driving wearing high heels and this huge ass gown is not easy."

"I told you someone should drive for you diba? Haynako. I'll wait for you, okay? I love you! Drive safe, my wife!"

"Love you, babe!"

I look like an idiot smiling ng mag isa.

Haynako naman kasi Alyssa! Sa sobrang pag ka excite ko na maikasal, 7 am na ako nakatulog, yan late ka tuloy!

I continued driving. Super excited na ako makasal. Finally!

Den's POV:

"Besh, wala pa ba?" I asked Ella.

"wala pa din besh. Try mo kaya tawagan?"

"I don't wanna distract her while driving tho?"

"Then wait patiently! Dadating yun! Si Ly pa ba???"

It's been 15 minutes after kong tawagan si Ly. I've been pacing myself all over the room.

Mejo nag papanic na ako. Mejo?? Sobrang nag papanic na ako to say the least!

"Besh will you please sit down?! Nahihilo na ako sayo eh! I'll check outside, okay??"

"Okay. Thank you."

Pag kalabas ni Ella, I affixed myself sa couch ng biglang may tumawag.

"Hello Ly!! Where are you??"

"Hello? Am I speaking to Miss Lazaro?"

Napatingin ako sa phone. Unknown number.


I can feel my heart racing.

"I'm sorry to inform you that Ms. Valdez is involve in a car crash. She is now in the state of comatose."

And at that exact moment, coldness enveloped my body. I froze.

I broke down.


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