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Rowan lifted it between his hands and set it on her head, its weight light, the chill a balm against the heat of her fire.

Celaena smiled at him, and he gave a tiny lift of his lips in response. But then she remembered—remembered that it was a crown he had made for her. A crown.

Her flames sputtered out as she rose to her feet and strode to the edge of the boulder, wrapping her arms around herself. A moment later, the crown of ice dissolved into mist on the mountain wind.

"We're going to have visitors tonight," Rowan said, approaching her side.

"I—need your help."

"Ah. So that's why you let me have an afternoon of peace." He snarled, but she lifted a brow. "Will I finally be meeting your mysterious friends?"

"No. They're Fae nobility, passing through the area. They requested a place to stay for the night, and will arrive around sunset. Emrys is making them dinner, and I am expected to... entertain them."

When he just looked at her, she said, "Oh, no. No."

"They will. Not condescend to dine with the. demi-Fae, and—"

"I'm even less acceptable than a demi-Fae!"

"if I have to play host to them all. evening, it will likely end in bloodshed."

She blinked. "Not favorites of yours?"

"They're typical nobility. Not trained warriors. They expect to be treated a certain way."

"So? You're in Maeve's little cabal. And you're a prince to boot. Don't you outrank them?"

"Technically, but there are politics to consider. Especially when they'll be reported to Maeve."

She groaned. "So what—I'm supposed to play hostess?"

His face was about as miserable as hers. "No. Just—help me deal with them."

Another bit of truth, she realized. "And what am I going to get out of it?"

He clenched his jaw, and she honestly thought he'd say, I won't kick your ass, but he sighed. "I'll find you a chocolate hazelnut cake."

"No." When he raised his brows, she through a wicked smile at him. "You'll. Just owe. me. A. Favor I can call in whenever I please."

He sighed, lifted his gaze skyward. "Just look presentable at sundown."


The jingling bells and merry voices reached the fortress long before the party appeared though the ward-stones.

Standing in the small courtyard, Celaena slid a glance to Rowan."Really? You need my help with these prancing idiots?" But aside from those on watch, the demi-Fae had made themselves scarce.

He glared at her. She'd bathed and dressed in her cleanest tunic, even going so far as to plait her hair into a pleasant coronet. "Keep your voice down," he muttered, giving a pointed glance to her ears.

She rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything else as the party arrived. Their horses were all—gods, those were all Asterion horses. Each worth it's weight in gold and then some. She'd once owned one—well, she'd stolen one and kept it—but had sold it to pay off Sam's debts to Arobynn. It had been utterly worth it, but...she still missed Kasida. She'd never seen or ridden a finer horse.

There were five in the party now taking in the courtyard and fortress, two of them bored tooking guards whose attention fixed solely on Rowan, and the other three... The. Female in the front was stunning—undoubtedly the leader.

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