Shot 5 ❤

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Next shot of this Ts,  hope you all like it..

Recap : Sanskar go to meet Kavita.

In SwaSan 's house :

Swara is knitting sweater for her baby lovingly  Sujata is teaching him how to knit,  Swara is looking so excited and happy for it and knitting sweater,  Uttara beside her become confused seeing this.

Uttara : ( in confused tone to Sujata) Maa,  why you are teaching Bhabhi this knitting,  we can buy baby 's clothes from shop too,  ( confused not understanding the reason behind it).

Sujata : ( hit her head playfully) Yes,  we can buy from shop but in that clothes,  love will be lack,  when a would be mother knit clothes for her baby,  its connect both mother and baby before birth,  and also play as lucky charm for new born baby,  when baby wear her mother 's handmade clothes,  its become blessing for baby,  I Also made clothes for you and your bhai.

Uttara nod with smile being understanding,  Swara smiling listening her,  knitting sweater with love and dedication,  her gaze shift to Shomi who come near dining table for water ,  a thought comes in her mind seeing her.

Swara : ( asked to Shomi in curious tone) Maa,  you also made clothes for me before my birth?

Shomi : ( looks at her listening her words  ,  reply in not interested tone) Shona,  I didn't had this much time for this and moreover shops are made for clothes why to waste time and energy,  ( make Swara sad by her answer,  Sujata looks at her with unbelievable look,  Shomi see her hand and find Sweater,  while shook head unbelievable) Shona,  why are you wasting time and energy on this,  your husband earns so much,  what's the need to make clothes by yourself.

Swara feels bad listening her words,  as she didn't expect this answer from her,  Sujata,  Uttara looks at her being shocked by her reply,  Just then a voice come.

"she don't know anything shoru" ( Dida who listened Shomi 's reply, looking at her with unbelievable look,  Shomi bend her head because of her gaze).

Dida : ( to Swara,  to taunt Shomi) Shoru,  your mother was very busy when you we're in her stomach and also when you took birth,  but don't be sad,  your Dida made clothes for you before your birth,  ( Swara smiles little listening her,  but confused by Shomi 's behavior,  Dida see her face to make her smile) well shoru,  let me see,  how you are knitting sweater,  ( Swara starts showing sweater to her,  Dida start helping her and talking to make her mind divert).

their trance broken by 'door opening sound',  they all see and find Sanskar is standing on door,  looking at Swara with little nervousness,  Swara looks at him,  confused by his facial expression,  stand up to go toward him,  she starts coming toward him,  just then see something which makes her shocked ,  she stopped her feet seeing ' KAVITA',  coming from Sanskar 's behind,  make her shocked,  Sujata,  Dida,  uttara gets shocked seeing Kavita with Sanskar,  and also gets confused seeing Kavita with Sanskar,  gets more shocked seeing a little boy around 5 years with them, who is holding Sanskar 's and Kavita 's hand together,  Swara gets shocked seeing a baby boy with them. 

Sujata : ( comes forward toward Sanskar,  ask in little angry tone) what is this Sanskar? why you bring this disgusting girl in our  home,  have you lost your brain?  ( Sanskar is looking at Swara who is looking at him with shocked face) and who is this little boy ( while gazing at little boy who is also looking at them with not understanding expression).

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