89| Reality

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When the reality hits you hard
You sat
Wide open your eyes
Tearing up
Inside the rooms
So cold
Like being trapped in an icy frozen box
Full of fractals covering my skin,

When reality hits you hard,
You want to finally realise
That there isn't any place
That is perfect
And smooth as ice
No you don't wanna be
Where they all went
You don't want sleek rants
And you don't want weak hands
So you leave them behind
Stop relying
On those
Who sent you messages
And calls
And shared it on internet trolls
No I stopped hanging on you
The person too prefect
To be true

When reality hits you hard
I know what I felt
It was a blow of wind
Ripping coats off myself
And bare, my skin
Raised goosebumps in my heart
And finally when the blood wasn't flowing
I realised
That you weren't what you were showing,
At least

It was a perfect
Solid vase
Full of flowers
Reds and oranges
But the heat of reality
Was enough to melt the glass into shards
And drops of glitter
Finally the words turned bitter
Too good to be real
I didn't want to step on the gear
I didn't want to get bruised by the pieces
Of our wear and tear
As we melted away
I didn't want to loose
What was left in the say

When reality hits you hard,
They come across your door,
Banging, screaming to let them in
Why didn't you?
Cause it wasn't something
Your delusion won't dream
And it wasn't something that you might will win,
It was a sour illusion,
A desperation
A crave for love,
You asked me to open my eyes
Cry you a river
And say that I'm fine,
But maybe I wasn't,

They asked if I could unlock the door,
Let them in,
To give me a shoulder to cry on,
Finally something to dry off,
My tears,
But maybe their broad shoulders are too flawless
To paint them with my pain,
To tell them my fears,
To cry out their names,
Cause everything that's real,
Has imperfections of it's own,
And darling you're perfect,
Too perfect to be known,
By my heart,
You are too rigid to be a pillow to cry on,
You're like a wall,
A black sleek wall,
No cracks, big or small,
And for you to give me shoulder,
Is for you to take my pain,
But how could a smooth surface like you,
Could take it away,

All you could do is reflect my light,
Too luminescent to be mine,
You don't have flaws like me,
Crevices like me,
To absorb my tears,
Filling streams and rivers,
Taking away million years,
Of pain away,
Rivers pouring in an ocean of your heart,
You're too perfect to make it right,
Too perfect to share your light,
Too perfect to stop this crying,
Too perfect to make me fight,
So finally I'll say,
I can't open the door,
The window remain boarded,
I'll cry on my own,
In my own chapped skin, and salty bones,
In my own dark soul and in my own slow song,
I'll cry when they'll be across the door,
I'll break my castles, live in my scars
I'll cry,
I'll cry all alone,
When reality hits you hard.

All you could do is reflect my light,Too luminescent to be mine,You don't have flaws like me,Crevices like me,To absorb my tears,Filling streams and rivers,Taking away million years,Of pain away,Rivers pouring in an ocean of your heart,You're too ...

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I'm sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes, I just wrote it in a very deep flow. I just got the idea out of the blue so...

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