Driving Me Crazy

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Parker/Googz's P.O.V.

After placing the black plastic bowl of milk on the tray on the foot of my bed (the ground I mean), I flopped backwards on my green plaid-pattern bed, sighing as my legs hung off the edge. It was around 23:00. and I still couldn't sleep, despite my slight exhaustion from today's events. My parents were noticeably suspicious of my tiredness, but I assured them I was fine, telling them that Trey was trying to teach me and my "nerdy" friends some basketball skills. It's happened a couple of times before, so why not use the excuse again since there is a 38.7% chance that I'm gonna have another training session taught by the basketball team?

From out of the blue, I bit my lip as a I stared up at my plain white ceiling. Am I really that stupid to be worried about something but not be aware of what that something is? I'm known as the smartest, nerdiest kid in Alan Turing High, the brains of the Guardians, and I can't even figure out what's preventing me from sleeping. What thenin the name of Zeus am I doing-

"Trixy, stop scratching my toes!" I whisper-yelped, pulling my legs upwards out of her reach.

Me-ow! She jumped up on top of the bed and crawled onto my stomach.

"What are you doing?" I asked, lifting the kitten off of me while sitting up. "You and I both need to go to bed. So we both need to sleep on our own beds." Carefully, I placed my pet down onto her little bed that was right next to her meal tray. Once Trixy was in her sleeping position, I crawled underneath my blankets and laid my head on the pillow. And I continued to stare at the ceiling.

If Jane Carter really was the Bionic Blade, then how did she survive the fire? And why didn't she just come back home? And what in the world is the name supposed to even mean? Bionic Blade? I get the blade bit - roller blades - but the bionic part is confusing. Jane was never bionic, so maybe she was taken in by the government and made her bionic. Maybe that's how she was able to teleport away.

Though, if I was a part of the government, I wouldn't want my project to be roaming the streets and stopping crime like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Not that I'm considering my (ex-)best friend some sort of technological project. Or that I have anything against Spider-Man; he's cool and all, but I believe that bionic beings should be saved for bigger situations. Like wars and schist.

I rested my head in my hand on top of the pillow and raised my other hand with the ring. My eyes locked onto the shimmering object on my finger, just like last night. A soft sigh escaped my mouth as I sank deeper underneath the covers, resting my hand onto my chest.

What secrets did you hide from me, Jane Carter? I thought, my eyelids slowly beginning to become more and more heavy by the second. And what secrets are you hiding from the world now?


It was the last period of the day, and that means that after this, I'd be off to Room 0. Currently, I was in the math classroom with my academically-intelligent teammates for our weekly competition. This competition's theme is math. Right now, my hand was clutching my pencil and was drawing out the solution in my notebook. My papers were slightly wrinkled due to my constant erasing of little details, which was rather strange since I don't usually hesitate during these things.

I heard another hand slam onto their personalized buzzer. Approximately 1.34 seconds right before me. Each member on the math (read as brainy) team programmed their buzzer's own sound. Mine projected one of those loud computing noises. From the sound of the pterosaur's call, it seemed like our junior paleontologist/archeologist, Tristan, knew the answer.

What? We're knowledgeable in multiple subjects.

"The answer is 4xy minus 7.3!" He exclaimed.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

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