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Liz's flight back to Australia was at eight in the morning. She told me I didn't have to take her to the airport anymore so we said our goodbyes at the hotel lobby. Liz left me with the most encouraging words she could come up with and reminded me to be strong. However, we also ended up laughing when she said that if something bad happened to me, or she'd hear people judging me again, she'd fly back to Korea and would start punching their faces.

I felt a little bad that the only person who knew about my relationship with Baekhyun wouldn't be by my side anymore but I had to face it. I also didn't want to her to worry about me so I made sure to keep a straight face the whole time I was talking to her.

The first thing I did when I got inside the room was throw my body on the bed. With my arms spread sideways, I stared at the ceiling. I thought about a lot of things such as going back to the town, Liz's departure, my life in Australia, my life right now in Korea, what might happen in the future, my family who knew nothing about what I was going through...


I thought about him the most. 


Ten Thirty AM.

I was at the parking lot of the hotel With my luggage in one hand, I searched left and right for Baekhyun's car. Actually, he initially told me that he'd wait right outside the hotel but of course I couldn't let him do that. That would be too risky for the both of us, especially for him. I knew for a fact that he didn't like it but I had to do it anyway.

I was about to reach the corner of the parking lot when I finally found his car. He must have seen me immediately because I saw the driver's car door being opened as soon as I stood behind his car. I held my breath for a moment as I looked around to see if there was anyone else aside from us. There was none, but I still couldn't relax with the thought of him getting out of his car like this. So, I ran towards him as fast as I could, leaving my luggage behind.

He was already on his feet when I blocked his way. He was wearing the black bucket hat again, his face half covered by it. However, his aura still spoke that he's someone famous and could easily get attention.

"What are you doing?" His question was quick and his tone wasn't that happy with what I was obviously doing.

"Baek, please just-" I lifted a hand to his arm. "Just wait for me inside."

"But your luggage-"

"It's okay I can do it. Just unlock the compartment for me," I replied "someone might recognize you here."

"Don't you think this is too much?" I could sense irritation in his tone.

This is bad. I thought

I looked up to meet his eyes and I almost regretted doing it. Even though, I couldn't see the look on his face due to the hat, I could clearly tell that he was displeased.

"So, I am not allowed to help my girlfriend with her damn luggage now, huh?" He ended his statement with a smirk.

"Baek..." I paused to bite my lower lip, doubting for a moment if I did make the right decision. "You know I'm just trying to be careful, please don't take it that way-" I said with a gloomy sigh.

"Yeah, I get it." He replied obviously wanting to end the conversation as he turned around to get inside the car once more.

My heart was heavy as he closed the door but I chose not to entertain it. I went back to get my luggage to put it in the compartment of his car. Walking towards the passenger's seat, I couldn't help but be anxious.

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