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After having a breakfast alone, Taehyung didn't bear to go anywhere except accompanying his grandmother who's still sleeping on the bed peacefully. The weather was so cold that he kept rubbing his palm on the other palm to heat his puff cheeks. Still shivering, he inserted his hands into muff pocket of his black hoodie.

Scanned through the pocket, he felt something more like a small paper and let it out immediately. A sheet of small pink sticky note still on his hands, reading the contents even though he already read it before. The phone number written on the note, he thought of giving a call but he can't decide when and how.

"Should I call her or not?" his thumb wiping the dusks on the note.

"Just call her then. Are you shy?"

Taehyung snapped back and turned his head to his grandmother who was fully woke up.

"Halmeoni...I...I just don't have any idea. It's hard to decide. Even if I call her, I have nothing to talk about with her."

"Then what are you worried about?" he adjusted his sit and faced his grandmother to answer her.

"I have this feeling of guilty, Halmeoni. Even when I first decided to visit you, I felt guilty for not telling her. We only known each other about a week, but this feeling...I just don't know."

"Do whatever your heart tells you, Taehyungie. If it says yes, then go. Go tell her that you're here with me and everything's okay."

Taehyung nodded and smiled weakly to his grandmother before he stood up.

"Perhaps..I can know who's that girl?"

He slightly turned his back again to face his grandmother,

"A...friend? Maybe?" he chuckled.


"Do whatever your heart tells you."

His grandmother's words stuck on his head as he arrived at nearest public phone in front of the hospital. He felt nervous out of sudden but kept convincing himself at the same time.

Pressing the button, slowly dialling the number on the sticky note while sweat swirling under his chin, he couldn't think anything except to hear the girl's voice. Seconds passed, still have no answer from her.

He tried again and again, but for the third times, a soft voice spoke up,


He's hesitating at first that he couldn't spit out a word.

"Um...hello? Who's there?"

"It's me..."


"Kim Taehyung."

"Taehyung?! Thank God, finally you called me. I haven't seen you for a long time. Where have you been?"

"I went to Daegu, visiting my grandmother. She's sick. But tomorrow I will go back to Seoul just for awhile and to Daegu again afterwards."

"I see. Send my regards to your grandmother then."

"I will. But...Irene, don't-"

The call has ended

"The fuck?! Ah damn it, I forgot to bring more coins." he rubbed his messy hair. "I just want to say that don't save those number because I used a public phone not a personal one!"


Taehyung took a sit again besides his grandmother's bed.

"So, how?"

"Hm? Oh..yea. I did call her." he bit his bottom lip. "And she sounds okay."

"That's all?"

"Yeah, are you feeling better now?" he asked, trying to change the topic.

"I'm always feel better. The one who's not is you, Taehyungie."

He chuckled for not being too obvious.

"Um..Halmeoni. This afternoon I will go back to Seoul to inform mom and dad about you. But afterwards, I promise to come back here as soon as possible. Don't forget to take your medicines, okay?"

"Even if you don't ask me to, I will always took my medicines. Don't worry. Just keep yourself in safe while going there." he nodded.


In Seoul, the weather was clearly different from Daegu. It's cold and peaceful there but here in Seoul it's was so hot that sometimes it could burn people's skin.

After few hours, he grabbed a taxi, headed home with no excitement. Maybe because he hates his parents.

In front of the door, he sighed heavily and knocked it until a woman appeared in front of him. Mrs. Kim excitedly hugged him but he didn't feel to hug her back even a second.

"I miss you so much, son. Where did y—"

"Where's dad?" he asked coldly.

"He's inside. Why?"

"I have something important to tell to both of you."

Mrs. Kim didn't say anything but brought him inside afterwards. He looked at his father who sat on the couch, reading a newspaper.

"You know what? You guys are the worst parents ever in this world!"

"W-what are you saying? Don't be rude to us, Kim Taehyung!" Mr. Kim turned his face to him.

"The shits you've been handling in the office, the fucking meetings and so on that you made up as an excuse, are those really important more than your own mother? What kind of humans are you, huh? Let me just tell the truth." he exhaled deeply.

"She's fucking have been in the hospital after all times and you dared to just ignored the calls from villagers and continued with your shits? And you want to know more tragic part? She have only few weeks before she dead motherfucker. My grandmother don't deserves ungrateful son and daughter-in-law like y'all!"

Tears drooling down his cheeks and he wiped it right away. He felt relieved that he can let out all the anger inside of him. He couldn't keep it anymore.

Mr. Kim rushed towards Taehyung and slapped him right on his cheek.

"Watch your mouth! I never raised you to be this rude."

He smirked. "I'm being rude because of you, so fuck off."

Taehyung twisted the doorknob and open the door but snapped back by a sudden figure in front of the door. Someone familiar.


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