Wild Turkey Chase

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The zurkey crashed onto the cold wet grass of Hubert's back garden before turning and leaping once more to cross the fence onto the next door patio. It didn't make it; the huge dinner impacting loudly onto the top of the wooden balustrade that separated the two properties.

"Get it!" called Huu, standing in the hole that had once been occupied by a window and hovering there, unwilling to make the leap himself to the outside.

Ursula streamed past him, a cloud of black and crimson that was her incorporeal form. She enveloped the zurkey rapidly and then turned back into her normal self, arms wrapped around the struggling meat.

It is impossibly strong! she complained.

"Yeah, sorry about that!"

The zurkey twisted and turned, its slick skin denying the vampire proper purchase with her fingertips.

And hot! And wriggling!

Hubert laughed. "Just don't let it go!"

The fight between suave vampire queen and animated Christmas dinner was surreal to behold. Hubert looked on in wonder as the two of them wrestled on the grass. Ursula was strong, certainly multitudes stronger than most adult men, but the zurkey was regularly getting the upper hand, kicking with muscled footless legs into her body, striking anything it could find - head, abdomen, thigh.

Master, you must de-animate it. I cannot hold it much longer.

Despite his drunkenness, Hubert realised the truth in her words. While the scene looked funny, there was a level of serious consequence to his playing that was probably going to come back and bite him in the arse. With slight reluctance, he reached into himself to touch the necromantic field once more.

At once, the zurkey found its opportunity. With an impressive show of effort, it placed both bony stumps in Ursula's face and kicked, sending her back onto the ground and launching itself into the air and over the fence.

Hubert laughed, his concentration broken, and watched in some disbelief as the zurkey jumped again and again, becoming smaller in his sight as it left his small garden behind.

"Get up, Ursula," Hubert ordered with a worried tone, "I think it's actually going to be a problem."

* * *

Hubert's zurkey detector took less than five minutes to create, but every second seemed too long and helped facilitate the creature's escape. Gently he tied the striped brown and yellow thread of the zurkey's presence in the necromantic field to the slightly-physical little box that Zack had created psychically from Hubert's design. It was a strange meeting of magic, illusion and nostalgia that boggled his mind when he later took time to think about it, but right then it served the purpose.

A light pulsed on the small box. Ursula looked over his shoulder with interest.

"It's from Aliens," Hubert explained, "a motion detector, only this one is tuned to the zurkey's necromantic field connection."


"It's a film. One we should watch. One we will watch - tonight, when we have caught the zurkey. It's about a woman who hunts down a whole nest of alien monsters. You'll love it."

And they have a zurkey-finding object?

"They have an alien-finding object, that looks like this. The pulsing dot is the zurkey, or the alien. Whatever. Let's go."

Hubert opened the door to the street and stepped outside.

Master, it's the middle of the afternoon, I cannot go out.

"You just did - you fought the zurkey in the garden!"

Oh. Ursula paused. I didn't consider it. The creature needed to be subdued and I reacted.

"But did the light hurt you?"


"Great, let's go."

Master, I do not trust it, and I do not wish to put the idea to further testing without considering it. I cannot go outside in the daylight.

"You can. You just did. What's the problem?"

I... Ursula stopped. Please don't force me.

"Fine. I don't have time to argue. I'll go get it. Zack, are you coming?"

Next to the necromancer the small boy appeared, forming out of nothingness. "I'll come!" he said brightly. Huu gestured to the door to the dining room, where Zack's brain was floating in a jar of preserving fluid. "Bringing that?" he asked.

"Just me," said Zack. "As long as we don't go too far, I'll be fine."

Hubert nodded. "Let's go. Ursula, if it comes back or anything."

I will look after the house. You are wasting time; just go.

Hubert and Zack stepped into the street.

* * *

"It's in here!" Huu said, staring up at the imposing building. It was a private school that had been built in the last few years and the entire perimeter was ringed in a tall metal fence. 

"They really don't want people to get in or out of school these days, do they?" he commented. "Jail for kids."

"This was my school," Zack said brightly. "I know my way around."

"That's great, but do you also have a key to the gate?"

Smiling, Zack walked over to the gate and pushed. "There," he said as it swung open.

"How did you do that?"

"I just wanted it open so it was."

Hubert smiled slowly. Zack's powers had always been slightly unusual and it was hard for him to comprehend how far they went. Currently, his understanding was that Zack could do whatever he could imagine. With his mind returning to a state of sobriety, there was a tinge of fear when he considered the things of which the little boy might be capable.

He walked through the open gate and followed Zack around the building, the zurkey-detector bleeping furiously as they approached a smaller playground through an arched tunnel. 

"I see it," whispered Zack.

Hubert looked where his companion was staring. The zurkey was there, standing tall on its legs, its succulent breast rising high into the sky. "It's grown again," he said in awe. The zurkey was at least four metres high, waving its featherless arms in agitation.

It turned towards the pair and a loud sqwark echoed through Huu's mind, reverberating across the necromantic field.

"So big," he marvelled again.

Then, without further warning, the zurkey attacked.

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